Mike Huckabee: Condones teen sexual predator

Mike Huckabee. Presidential candidate wannabe. Yep. That’s the one.

Well, Huckabee took it upon himself to come out in defense of Josh Duggar. You know. The oldest son of that perverse and demented family known as the “19 and Counting” reality TV show on The Learning Channel (TLC). Why exactly TLC decided to feature a family that gets it thrills from spawning nineteen children escapes the more intelligent, evolved mind.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Josh Duggar recently was outed for having had sex with five of his younger sisters when Josh was between ages 14 and 17. Huckabee believes that we, the collective we, should turn the other cheek and forgive Josh Duggar. Really?

Huckabee sees and portrays himself as the great moralizer. His grandiose plan is to become president of The United States and slip us back into some phase of the Dark Ages. His outspoken hatred and intolerance of homosexuals is well known and widely broadcast. Huckabee persists in his mantra, “Marriage is to be between a man and a woman, only.” Yeah, Huck we get it but we don’t buy it.

But, Huck let me take you for a moment down memory lane to an act your son David committed while a Boy Scout Camp Counselor: “Two Boy Scout counselors, 17 year old Clayton Frady and 18 year old David “itickabee” [sic], the son of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, have admitted to catching a stray dog during their summer session at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, AR, and hanging the dog by his neck, slitting his throat and stoning him to death.”

That small vignette tells me a lot. The apple does not fall far from the tree. The pathology of son David quite likely mirrors the pathology of the father. Hey, Huck. That would be you. What’s that old saying, again, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”?

So, taking that thought one step further suggests that you support, 1) predatory sex against young girls; and, 2) condone incest where the predator is an older male sibling. Someone recently quoted you as saying “It’s allowed in ancient Scripture.” God in Heaven, Huck, I really, really hope that was not you and a rather insidious joke played upon you.

But, you have opened your own private kingdom wide to vicious, virulent and venomous criticism. You hold yourself out as a “Man of God”. Not my God, Huck. No man. Your “god” is far too hideous, odious and mean-spirited. Certainly not “God the Father” who captures the Holy Trinity within which Jesus the Resurrected presumes to reside. No, Huck. Your “god” is the Great Satan. You are, to use a crude term, a sorry-assed boil on the butt of life.

That you would embrace an incestuous male predator while spewing out vile hatred toward homosexuals tells us about the Great Evil you represent and lift up. Josh Duggar is a monster in every respect. That his father had Josh’s records expunged simply sullies this all the more. Scary. You, Josh and Papa Duggar represent consummate evil, the Devil’s Lair. Your sacrilege and your heinous hypocrisy align you with the worst of the worst, Josh and Papa standing with you. Oops! By golly, a new trinity but certainly not of the good, righteous and Christian kind. The demons from the iron hot coals of hell are dancing on your head. You are the consummate Christian pariah, a subhuman who shits and pisses on the Head of Christ while you strut in your self-righteous aplomb. You are the evil in sheep’s cloth. To suggest that you are disgusting does not even begin to capture the degenerate monster you really are. In closing, give Josh a hug will you? Let us know when he assaults another child, which some of us are certain he will, so that you can once again grandstand on his behalf “to forgive” while you skewer the lives of all of God’s homosexual children. May you rest in hell!

Why the Duggar Family represents what is worst and wrong about the United States

Memorial Day, 2015

Each time I hear or read something about the Duggar family or anyone like them, I force myself to contain my rage and outrage. That the eldest Duggar son, Josh, has just been outed as a child predator comes as no surprise.
Josh Duggar was accused of sexually assaulting five – five – of his younger sisters when Josh was fourteen. The term “child predator” is properly assigned to Josh Duggar. The fact he so much as even believed he had the right to molest his sisters suggests parental approval. One must ask, “Did his parents know? Did his father give tacit approval, either directly or simply by ignoring what was taking place? Or, worse, did his father actually encourage such behavior?” Logically one should, or must, assume the mother was not complicit in these acts of sexual assault.
The larger, overarching question becomes: Who or what gave Josh Duggar his feeling that he had an implicit right to molest his younger sisters? Were mom and dad Duggar so busy fucking in order to create yet another spawn that they were tacitly removed from the more heinous activities of their older son and younger daughters as victims?
How predictable is it that Mike Huckabee the Devil’s shill would come out saying that Josh Duggar deserves forgiveness; not judgment? Wow. For a pastor Huckabee certainly knows how to ferret out his application of “faith” and “forgiveness” as he rails his hatred toward gays outward on a daily basis. Huckabee and Duggar share the limelight in just how much societal sewerage exists in this nation, all of it “in the name of God”. Really?
And, what “God” might that be? Well, it surely cannot be “God the Father” of the Holy Trinity, because if it were Huckabee would be doubly sinful for ignoring and misapplying the platitudes of Christ. People such as the Huckabees and Duggars see all others as the hypocrites when in fact they are the consummate hypocrites; the ones against whom Jesus warns us.
They are the self-righteous who with excessive self-aplomb march across the stage of life spewing out their special moralisms while parading before the masses as icons of “Christian” decency. The Huckabees and Duggars in our society help to form the amoral underbelly of what day to day Americans must deal with. They are amoral because they lack all morals. They walk in the dead men’s tombs of life, white sepulchers of soul-less bodies wrapped around tarnished and evil bones.
That The Learning Channel [TLC] even opted to air the Duggars as a reality show says a lot about TLC and its own “family values”: zero values. Two things have remained totally unclear and incomprehensible to me since the Duggars catapulted onto the national stage: 1) Why on earth would any family want to spawn nineteen (19) children and seek praise and celebrity for it? 2) Why on earth would any television program be eager to create a “reality” TV show for any such family?
While it surely is the Duggar’s right to spawn multiple progeny, by all rights and measure their proliferation of offspring is vulgar, perverse and actually disgusting. To celebrate being a human breeding farm surpasses even the remotest concept of rational human behavior. Oh, I am confident they will appear in The Guinness Book of World Records. Hooray for them.
That son Josh is so evil to have molested his own sisters tells me enough about this family and precisely why they should never be celebrated; and why they never should have been. They posture in self-righteous mode demonizing gay culture all the while condoning the most hideous of behaviors in any family: incest and forced incest. They are the worst of the worst among us.
And, what about those little girls? Or, are they simply “girls”, regarded as the lesser of our species as is so common among families such as these? How much will their wounds be disregard-ed and ignored fully? What lingering nightmares and shame might they suffer; or, are they suffering already?
Unlike Duggar’s fans, I hope there is a nice hot and spacious place in eternal hell for them; if, that is, one believes in a hell at all. In the meantime, they have created their own hell on earth for several little girls who were violated sexually, the worst type of violation imaginable. I suggest to the Duggars that you bury your hideous and heinous in a dark, dark quarter of the world where you belong never to be seen or heard from again; and, in the meantime, stop demonizing homosexuals so gleefully because like it or not, homosexuals are Children of God. You, Duggars, are the real demons in this life on earth. But! Feel not alone in your disgrace and shame (doubting you have even so much as the human dignity to feel disgrace and shame), because it is shared with your viewers and The Learning Channel.