Our Terrorism Double-standard as posted on AlterNet, 15 November 2015

My Response

This is a terribly complex issue that demands comprehension and understanding at many levels. ISIS is motivated by hate and intolerance, exercised through acts of horrendous and inhumane brutality. Yet, Christians have so much blood on our hands that we should be careful how we assess the terror of other religious groups.

During the Crusades Western Christians slaughtered thousands of Muslims AND Orthodox Christians (calling the Orthodox the Apostates). We came to the shores of America and slaughtered entire tribes of Native Americans. White “Christians” hanged and burned alive black men; torched their homes and churches with most of those white marauders claiming to be Christian.
While this attack in Paris is horrific, it is all but ignored how France is blatantly xenophobic and isolates Muslims as “the other”. France claims “liberte” while being systemically intolerant. The persistent disrespect for Muhammad through comic caricatures simply stirred, and stirs, the rage and anger already felt by radical Muslims and that results in incendiary atrocities such as this latest attack in Paris.

The author of this article calls attention to how many Muslims are being slaughtered by ISIS, all the while the West turning a blind eye. Yet, the United States in particular looks past the fact how the U.S. shook hands with the devil decades ago when the Saudi oil fields offered so much promise to our insatiable thirst and gluttony for oil. Driven my oil-driven opportunists and car makers eager to sell more product, the U.S. fell into the pit with the den of evil. Saudi Arabia has beheaded more of its own people in one year than ISIS has in four. It also is worthy of note how the Saudis are pleased to let us (U.S.) fight the battles Saudi Arabia should be fighting instead. WHY is the U.S. fighting all those battles in the Middle East while the Middle East has 5 Million soldiers?

“We the people” are fed what our government controlled and corporate controlled media is permitted to tell us; and to look past matters of equal importance. The news media has been fully consumed about the Paris attack non-stop ad nauseam. Yesterday, one Republican member of Congress attempted to ramp up U.S. fears by saying “they are here, too”. Let’s terrorize our own people, gin up the anti-Muslim hate and sell more guns. One must wonder what intrinsic value such pols really serve to the betterment of our nation.

When the United States accepts the fact we are very much at the root of this problem, what with ISIS being the outgrowth of the Bush / Cheney war in Iraq after purging Baghdad of the Baathists, perhaps we will come to terms with this international nightmare with more cautious self-reflection. In many respects the GW Bush administration ignited this firestorm, a firestorm that the rest of world now finds itself anointed to extinguish.