Militia Tyranny against Our Land

Dear Mr. Heim:

You have generously contributed nearly one and one-half pages of today’s Sunday Washington Post to the illegal taking of public land by the Bundy militia.

The Bundy militia has violated several rules of law without penalty, essentially holding the locals and the nation hostage. Had this illegal staging taken place by blacks, browns or Native Americans this would have been over weeks ago with a substantial body count among the marauders. The disparate application of law and the enforcement of that law stares us squarely in the face.

The Bundy militia is a band of marauding terrorists exercising their tyranny against the nation state. This matter could be dealt with swiftly by way of sending in Special Forces with a few Apache gunships. Instead of enforcing the law, these bandits are permitted to increase their encroachment all the while thumbing their noses at our country. In simpler times, they merely would have been hanged for all to see the results of their tyranny.

Response to Brian Edwards,, 10 JAN 2016.

Edwards quote: “This militia of the marginal used the greatest creation of the American century to bring about its downfall—the Internet. Can we still harness the positive attitude of optimism, hope and ingenuity that represents the best of the previous era and restart a new relationship to the world based on respect, trust, and partnership?” End quote.

The less educated bully class have become the marshals of the new century. The disaffected have created a whole new class of disaffected: Those who truly care but have simply walked away because they see the system as rigged, dishonest, unscrupulous and even perilous to the average citizen. Trump’s disaffected are less educated, mostly white men who have never known self-actualization or self-realization; and, somehow that is the fault of all of society instead of their own fault.

For three decades I have watched as the American underbelly has risen to the top. It has been an ugly thing to watch, but with people like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Ailes, Murdoch, Hannity and others of their cloth we have seen the zenith of intellect and basic intelligence collapse in a mire of human waste. The resident evil that has thrived at the core of this nation, suppressed for a very long time, finally witnessed its release from its prison of ignorance and deception through the vestiges of Trump, Cruz, Hukckabee and a host of others who dare to claim fealty to our nation and our Constitution all the while serving as a monstrous toxin on wider society. We have been standing at this abyss, teetering for some time. I believe our nation has seen her best of her best days, and we are about to tumble as few might believe. Trump & Co. will coax us to the edge and watch gleefully as we fall. I thank God I am now old enough to say that I have lived the very best years of our once great nation. I pray to Almighty God I am dead before her last gasp is heard.

A New Year’s Message to America’s Millennials

It is unlikely any of you know me. It is less likely any of you will ever meet me. But, what fol-lows has been on my mind for quite some time. Feel free to share my message as you see fit.
I am a kid from the fifties, coming of age in 1962 when I joined the United States Air Force. I grew up on a small farm in the rural countryside of Maryland. We were surrounded by larger farms, some as big as 1,000 acres. During my high school summers I worked a 700 acre farm, riding my bike three miles each way to work five days a week. On weekends I was expected to help around our own small place, including mowing two-plus acres of grass using a rotary push mower. (It built a strong upper body!)
I left home the summer of ’62, basically to get away from my old man. He and I did not get along well; he was a drunk and a tyrant – a fact it took years for me to admit. So, I joined the Air Force. Boot camp opened the door to my inner strength and self-confidence that was fully lacking when I first joined. I was cleared for highly classified Intel work that took me overseas.
Being out of country for three of my four years’ service was an awesome experience. At age 20 I was accepted into a rapid promotion program that took me to a remote site where I was promoted to Staff Sergeant before age 21. At age 21, I was assigned the position of Controller for my Intel Ops section.
I dreamed of becoming a Cadet at the USAF Academy but my eyesight resulted in failing the pilot’s vision test. Despite the fact I did not want to fly a plane because I was somewhat gifted in foreign language (German, Russian-lite and Latin), USAFA had no waivers at that time. As the Air Force courted me for another officer’s commissioning program, I simply could not (would not, actually) pursue any other avenue to becoming an officer.
At age 22 I left the Air Force. I returned home, put myself through the University of Maryland earning my BS in Business and Commerce. While attending Maryland I built a career in the private business sector where I continue today.
I became known as one “not to get in his way”; a man determined to succeed. By the Grace of Almighty God and a lot of work, I have seen success several times over. But, my success cannot be measured by material wealth because I do not have any real wealth. My success meter was set on doing the very best I could do in every new situation. Air Force taught me not only self-confidence. It opened my Warrior aspect. It taught me about discerning my mission, focusing on the success of that mission; and, learning how to strategize and to impact through tactical measures honed through strategy.
“What does this have to with me?” you may be asking. Simple. I have done nothing and accomplished nothing that any one of you cannot achieve on your own. All you have to do is awaken your own Warrior Within. Sometimes coming from a ‘hard scrabble’ childhood builds that stronger character.
As an aging Boomer, I look at what my generation has left you along with Gen X. I am not all that pleased with the results. In some respects, I believe my generation has left yours with a “mess”.
Many of you, even after receiving a college degree, have ended up returning home to live with your parents because our world today has created that reality. Most of the young men and women of my generation would never have considered returning home. But, my world of opportunity far surpassed yours today.
There was much greater opportunity to find and secure a job; even with no more than a high school diploma. Today, a college degree is given the same regard a high school diploma earned a couple decades ago. “Blue collar” work was more abundant. Farming out our industry to foreign countries removed many employment opportunities. Sending American industry to Japan, Korea, China and now even Vietnam robbed our homegrown working class of the job opportunities that only a generation earlier loomed large. Steel mills were closed, shutting down once thriving communities. The automobile industry has become a conglomeration consisting of multiple international players. China, still a self-described communist nation, owns trillions of U.S. long term debt. When I was a young man growing up, the very thought that our debt would be secured by a communist country would have been incomprehensible. Today, I see it as reprehensible, a clear indicator of how much of our soul we have sold to our enemy (China is not an ally) in order to sustain our lifestyle of excessive consumerism.
Technology has proved a very mixed blessing. The world moves far faster now (although some do not consider that a blessing). But, with all the new ways to communicate we have lost the most important way to communicate: talking face to face to one another. My generation in particular finds that vulgar and disgusting. And, it is!
Technology also has resulted in younger people (your generation) having poor spelling ability, poor writing ability and poor math ability. The attitude is, “If a machine can fix it for me, why should I “waste” time learning how to fix or correct it myself?”) It is up to the Millennials to turn this clock back a bit. “Humint” (human intelligence) evolves through the use of one’s brain; not the inner workings of technology.
While this message is not my mea culpa, it is my personal way of saying “I am sorry” for the erring ways of my generation. Logically, those of us who worked hard, became well educated and functioned as good citizens (as most of our parents raised us to be), are somehow tangentially responsible for the mess created by politicians and corporate/banking CEOs that has brought us to today even though we are not directly responsible for our nation’s plight today.
I am not looking at my / our country’s past through rose colored glasses. I grew up when blacks and whites lived in entirely separate communities, with black community often deplete of everything but the bare necessities of life. Jews were afraid to move into predominantly Christian neighborhoods. Roman Catholics were shunned by Protestants. And, homosexuals were forced into the deepest denizens of darkness imaginable for fear of being caught, ostracized and jailed. Thus, on the social side of the ledger there has been forward movement. While many will admit there is a distance yet to travel, we have enjoyed considerable progress on most “fronts”.
But, the negative side is influenced by what I touched upon earlier: sending jobs and industry overseas to other countries. A direct result of such activity is how the middle class in America and the working poor have seen their incomes flat line for the last three decades. The income disparity between the super wealthy and the average Joes and Janes has become a national disgrace. That disparity has been and continues to be fueled and energized by a U. S. Congress that fawns over big money, siphoning at the tit of collective corporatocracy. A Congress that was elected to represent “the people” represents only their specific moneyed interests; that does not include you or me.
By this time you may be asking, “So! What do you want us to do about all this?” Very good question.
Part of me wants to say, “Get back to the basics.” But, what is basic to me may not be basic to you simply because of our generational departures. So, let me take a stab at it with the following.
Question authority, but do not disrespect it. Challenge and fight to win, but not to destroy. The ancient Tao Warrior Sun Tzu wrote that the best way to win against one’s enemy is to use the enemy’s strategy against him; and, win by never having to go to battle. In other words, strategy and diplomacy can result in highly effective tactics and victories.
Do not rely entirely on the computer, iPad or iPhone. “Use your noodle”, also known as your brain (just in case you did not get that!). Talk to people. Use your voice. Vocalize rather than type. You have been seduced somehow into believing that your world revolves around the tech world. No, it does not. You have a heart, a soul and a brain. Use all three simultaneously. Turn off the iPhone and iPad. Shut down your computer. Go out with friends, assuring that each of you has left behind your tech apparatus. If you feel naked without your cell phone, then take it with but turn it off.
But, your biggest challenge collectively as a generation is to determine and then decide what you see wrong with our United States. How do you return more to the people? How much pain will be endured economically if companies such as Wal-Mart are taxed more heavily and driven to raise employee wages? How can your generation compel Congress – yes, compel – to assess heavy taxes on offshore corporations that relocated simply to avoid paying the taxes that are in fact owed and due “we the people”?
Yet, the greatest obstacle of all for you to overcome is: Does it really matter to you. Are you as a generation to become the lemmings of modern America? I cannot expect you to know the America I have known. I will say that I believe I have lived the very best years of our history.
The current lineup of political wannabes who spew out searing, vile hatred and what is most politely described as abundant oral excrement are the worst of the worst. We no longer have the best of the best; the smartest of the smartest. The amoral ethical thugs, so lacking in mature intellect and raw intelligence are driving this nation into the proverbial sewer. It is up to you to change the course of our future history. I will no longer be here. So, in reality what you opt to do will be meaningless to me as I will not be witness to your decisions. But, you will.