Mother Earth is in Crisis, February 2016

Planet Earth is creaking and groaning from the abuse we humans are subjecting her to. This fact is a sweeping indictment against the human race.
Even if one does not embrace the tenets of Scripture where God instructs human-kind to be the careful custodian of our planet and to replenish what we take from her, you cannot deny that we are abusing Earth into oblivion. If there is such a thing as “universal, collective sin”, this is it.
The human penchant to destroy and to lay waste to the land, animals, plants and the universe as a whole is catapulting Earth into its own death. The Planet may survive, but the destruction that will take place will be irreversible.
We are fools at our own hands. Population growth is out of control. Rather than urging reduced procreation, organizations such as the Roman Catholic Church encourage ever more reproduction. That is in and of itself a sin against Earth and Nature be-cause of the overriding destruction it will impale upon Earth. Earth does not need more people. Earth needs fewer; fewer at every quarter of our Planet.
Humans deceive ourselves if we believe we can get away with this destructive carnage. That carnage occurs at so many levels, it is a challenge to keep track.
The United States is, perhaps, the worst enemy of Earth. We have turned eating from a necessity into an industry. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and a host of other fast food and dine-in restaurants have turned eating into a national pastime. The waste generated from uneaten food that ends up in the disposer or the garbage dumpster is a direct violation of all things decent, dignified and responsible. Simply because we “can have it” does not give us license to abuse it.
In order to sate our gluttony, cattle, swine and fowl are kept in infection infested facilities that disgrace the very Face of God. No creature, large or small, should be or deserves to be corralled in such horrific, criminal conditions. One need only read The Talmud to embrace humankind’s required care of all animals.
Our deplorable disregard for the lives of animals slaughtered to sate our gluttonous appetites has resulted in cattle, swine and fowl being injected with antibiotics to counter the negative impacts of other antibiotics. Add to that the diseases these poor defenseless Creatures of God endure, and we the people have become the new Frankensteins.
Yet, sadly, our unbridled carnage against earth does not stop with livestock. Oh, no! We now treat vegetation and fruit with chemicals the future toxicity of which has not been determined. Companies such as Monsanto and Dow Chemical have introduced plant modification chemicals into the human, animal and insect life stream the results of which are already having toxic effects: the honeybees being one huge example. Monsanto’s GMOs are heralded as the “solution” to food production on Planet Earth that will lead to more abundance of food. Yet, our vegetable life is being manipulated with-out any idea whatever about the impact these chemicals are having on current life; worse, what impacts will be felt in future lives.
The imbalance we humans have brought to Mother Earth is beyond hideous and massively debilitating to our planet. The sweeping slaughter of dolphins by Asia, the reckless killing of wolves, fox and endangered species is in direct conflict with our duty to Earth and her creatures. Ritual killing of various species is beyond ungodly. Such acts are patently and unequivocally evil.
There is a wide difference between “thinning the herds” for the survival of the herd than killing for the sheer joy of killing. Mounting heads of deer, elk, boar, bear, lion and other species is not a statement about humankind’s prowess. It is the direct result of an inner evil among humans that defiles Earth and defies our custodial care for all things, big and small.
Add to this Earth crisis the coal-infused atmosphere of China; the raw feces flowing into the waterways of Brazil an d India; the ritual slaughter of dolphins in the Faroe Islands and Japan; the increasing presence of all things plastic in our oceans and tributaries; landfills holding waste products that will not decompose for centuries; and, unrestrained population growth because governments will not undertake limited procreation programs and policies: We see how Mother Earth is being raped to death: rape in the most violent, vicious carnal way imaginable.
Worse is how the United States government endorses and underwrites programs of cruelty and decimation toward wildlife and livestock. The imbalance in Nature is a direct result of programs that ignore harmony; a disharmonious pattern between humankind and nature that creates chaos at its most destructive. Of course, some herd thinning is natural in order to maintain a balance. Yet, many of those herds’ natural predators have been all but exterminated (wolves, for instance). The more humankind tries to “manage” Mother Nature, the more we create mismanagement and large imbalances.
Compounding Earth’s crisis is how “economy” encourages the abuse of rain forests, oceans and tributaries; and, endangered species. Eliminating large swaths of trees and natural growth corrupts the biosphere. Toxic runoff and raw sewerage flowing into natural waterways introduces toxins that kill marine life as well as human life. Trophy hunting of elephant and rhinos for their ivory and tigers for their skin is barbaric, inhumane and tragic.
Whether selling timber from destroyed rain forests, ignoring toxic waste into waterways or killing species for profit, the larger criminal in all this is the corporate world. When “free enterprise” encourages rather than discourages the pillage and rape of earth, those of us who see ourselves as caretakers are forced against a wall. Money and power are used either to silence us or to manipulate us into complacency where we simply cannot act or react as we know we should. That reality is exacerbated by governments small and large, including the United States Congress.
The entities and agencies that should be protecting our natural environments are instead on the dole with big money; big banks; big corporations. “Profit” is realized through huge political contributions, money from special interest groups and policies that work against the greater common good.
When the likes of the Koch Brothers and Exxon/Mobil can manipulate an entire society and culture to support their draconian, unethical and destructive programs, the citizenry suffers. Whether it is poverty in Calcutta, coal smoke in China or killings by guns on the streets of Chicago, a toxic imbalance is supported by the selfish, egocentric Earth marauders who seek only self-gratification. They collectively treat Earth as theirs to destroy; to hell with the rest of us.
When the patriarchs from Rome to St. Petersburg put more energy into maters such as gay marriage and less into the serious imbalance created by excessive, abusive procreation, one sees how religious patriarchs live and thrive in a myopic monolithic bubble that is destructive in and of itself. It is easier to divert attention away from the real issues, thereby spawning ill-fated destruction worldwide.
If Earth’s caretakers and caregivers are to win the game, one that will test the very mettle of our individual and collective souls, then we must band together as an immovable force. There is strength in numbers and we must swell those numbers to such a formidable force that our opponents quake in their boots and shoes. Only when we show we mean business and are not simply talking the talk will the wider world stand up and take notice. The world is at its most critical crossroad in its history. Every organization and every human who truly cares must agree to form one, singular powerful voice. We must make push back a living hell for our opponents, because it is pain-fully clear they will oppose any and all consensus. A powerful coalition will surpass any results that might be attained by fractions thereof.
Some say, “Winning isn’t everything”. I say, “Winning is the only thing.” When it comes to Earth survival, we cannot afford to lose; to fail. We must marshal the forces of supreme strength and power to defeat and conquer the enemies of Mother Earth. Compromise may be out of the question, given the stakes at hand.