Response to article on regarding Trump followers, 20 MAR 2016

Quote from this Salon article: “Widespread poverty throughout the heartland and Southern United States is a lamentable social problem, but even in the best economic conditions, and under the friendliest government policies, the career options for high school dropouts will forever remain few and poor. Rather than accepting some “personal responsibility” – a favorite conservative concept – for their low standard of living and destructive lifestyle, the wrongly romanticized white working class is flocking to a candidate who allows them to blame other people for their problems. “End quote.

It has been widely accepted for a few decades that the United States has been “dumbed down” with intention. Being an athlete in one type of sport or another is broadly respected. However, it seems that the “dumb” athlete is more highly regarded than the smart, better educated athlete. Somewhere along the way becoming educated was seen as someone’s effort to look better to others. How sad! Teachers and public school systems have been undermined since the 1980s, robbing them of the authority they had when I attended public school in the 1950s. (Yeah, I know that I am an old fart.) Public schools have come under increasing criticism for “teaching the tests”. Yet, that is not the fault of the schools but those self-defined academic “leaders” who simply change things for the sake of change that has resulted in fewer students actually being well educated.
The less educated one is, the more defensive they are. Sarah Palin, to note one, has publicly pandered to the under-educated redneck gun-toting citizen. It is a known fact the less educated are those who buy into the “macho” bluster, bombast and bravado put on by Trump. As much as I want to blame Trump’s followers, I blame the system; a system that became corrupted and contaminated just a few decades back. When one feels “the world is against them” as noted in the quoted passage above, they clamor with great enthusiasm and excitement to the Trumps of our world. Intellect and intelligence are scorned. It is easier to be a less-educated sloth forty to a hundred pounds overweight drinking national brand brews while holding onto your Glock, Smith & Wesson, Remington or Colt.

We the people have allowed the creation of these new Frankensteins. Regrettably and sadly, I doubt we have enough time in our nation to alter this course where the lies put forth by networks such as FOX simply feed those Frankensteins, making them an ever-increasing challenge. Say what one will about Trump, he knows full well how he is playing them and they simply are too stupid to figure that out.