A nation, breaking

“Our political system is profoundly broken, and although many of us have understood that for years, this has been the year that fact became unavoidable.” That quote states the obvious. Our political “system” such as it is has been fracturing for decades. The pilots steering this ship of state have taken us until troubled seas, knowing precisely what they were doing all the time. We have become a nation of serfs, bowing to the wishes of a Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and, now sadly, a Judicial Branch all ruled, run and controlled by big money. I have been convinced for years that BOTH parties would love to find a way to remove the entire electorate from the election process. In lieu of that, they have rigged the system so that we really don’t matter all that much anyway.

The MEDIA has not been helpful, having collapsed into the sewer of false and bombastic bravado — no matter their political tilt. “News” is not news. It is filtered propaganda fed to each us through the corporate funnels that determine what to report. Whether it’s Megyn Kelly on the one side or Chuck Todd on the other, neither one is truly interested in truth of fact. Ratings, the ultimate broadcast selfie assessment, dictate what they can or will say. Most of us “out here” do not tilt totally right or totally left (although Trump has found a LOT of right-leaning tilters!). Yet, to listen to the media there are two distinct camps each out to claw its way to victory filtering their lies as truth. Our empire is dying on the vine. That fact has troubled me for years. I love this country. As a young Airman many years ago, I would have died for Old Glory without a question. Today that proud Airman is filled with shame, disgust and dismay. We are rotting at our core and there is no slave to cease that rot.