Email to Kathleen Parker, WaPo, 19 FEB 2018

Dear Ms. Parker:

In your column in yesterday’s Sunday Washington Post, your next to last paragraph reads, “Politicians don’t change or fix things until their constituents demand it . . .”

That is a huge part of our national problem. Politicians, who are by their nature parasitic non-leaders, fail to be proactive. Even when constituents demand things, “things” do not happen. “How so?” you might ask. Well, for one, how many deaths have taken place since Sandy Hook at the hands of crazed madmen brandishing an AR-15? We look at the slaughters of Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando, Las Vegas and now Parkland. (I apologize if I missed a few, doing this solely from memory.)

If the reports I have read are correct, congressional Republicans have accumulated a rather handsome stash in the millions from the NRA. MILLIONS! Donald Trump alone has been reported as having received nearly THIRTY million dollars in campaign contributions from the NRA! Again, if my readings are spot on, the Democrats have totaled up less than one million dollars from the NRA. The NRA knows which bread to butter.

Leaders lead. Leaders do no wait for a crisis to occur. They are proactive, and take the steps necessary to avoid the crisis. Or, to be snap ready when it happens. “Thoughts and prayers” be damned! Members of Congress have become fat cats walking across dead bodies in a very short time period as pigs at the trough. (Thank you Arianna Huffington!)

Your praise of the students at Stoneman Douglas High School where this latest atrocity took place is superb. They are stand up youth and deserve all the recognition they can be given.

But, if history tells us anything, their rage, anger and outrage will be a mere blip on the screen of time. People like Marco Rubio or a Ted Cruz likely are thinking those kids can’t vote right away, anyway. “In a month or so, all this will be forgotten.” Sadly, I suspect that attitude is quite accurate. I truly hope I am wrong.

Each slaughter has resulted in enraged voices. Memorial gardens are created. Parents scream in despair at TV cameras. And, some idiot politician suggested arming teaches. WOW! The NRA’s Wayne La Pierre likely is salivating to the point of choking.

The fact is: No one needs an AR-15 except for soldiers and officers of the law. No one needs armor piercing ammunition except for soldiers and officers of the law. Both of those deadly items have been “approved” by the NRA for citizen possession and use. It has been reported 85% of NRA members support stricter gun laws and background checks. Years ago I cancelled my NRA membership as the result of their stance on AR-15s and armor piercing ammo. The heads at the NRA do not care. They are deep into the pockets of the guns and ammo manufacturers. It’s all about greed and money. As the saying goes, “Follow the money,” even when that takes one to the grave of yet another innocent child.

Best regards,

Comment on NYT about Alt-Right, 14 FEB 2018

We have devolved into a society of lies and deception, with the despotic king of lies and deception residing in the White House. The United States of America is being splintered into multiple parts as never before, with vile, vulgar and vibrant misinformation taking control of the narrative. We are witnessing the rise of consummate evil, gnawing away at our institutions, our truth and our national sanctity as a democratic Republic. It is growing like a cancer out of control and without cure. Society, like the fish, rots from the head down.