Response to Brian Edwards,, 10 JAN 2016.

Edwards quote: “This militia of the marginal used the greatest creation of the American century to bring about its downfall—the Internet. Can we still harness the positive attitude of optimism, hope and ingenuity that represents the best of the previous era and restart a new relationship to the world based on respect, trust, and partnership?” End quote.

The less educated bully class have become the marshals of the new century. The disaffected have created a whole new class of disaffected: Those who truly care but have simply walked away because they see the system as rigged, dishonest, unscrupulous and even perilous to the average citizen. Trump’s disaffected are less educated, mostly white men who have never known self-actualization or self-realization; and, somehow that is the fault of all of society instead of their own fault.

For three decades I have watched as the American underbelly has risen to the top. It has been an ugly thing to watch, but with people like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Ailes, Murdoch, Hannity and others of their cloth we have seen the zenith of intellect and basic intelligence collapse in a mire of human waste. The resident evil that has thrived at the core of this nation, suppressed for a very long time, finally witnessed its release from its prison of ignorance and deception through the vestiges of Trump, Cruz, Hukckabee and a host of others who dare to claim fealty to our nation and our Constitution all the while serving as a monstrous toxin on wider society. We have been standing at this abyss, teetering for some time. I believe our nation has seen her best of her best days, and we are about to tumble as few might believe. Trump & Co. will coax us to the edge and watch gleefully as we fall. I thank God I am now old enough to say that I have lived the very best years of our once great nation. I pray to Almighty God I am dead before her last gasp is heard.

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