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Good Sunday morning, Mr. McCoy/WaPo!

The six (6) men interviewed for your column on hate represent the underbelly of American society and culture.  They are the worst among us; certainly not even so much as the slightly good among us.

They live in a monolithic bubble where only whites (white trash, as I see it) should thrive.  Add to that the concept of “Faux” Christian, and they have their anti-Jew, anti-Black and Brown, anti-gay/lesbian and anti-Women’s rights all wrapped up.  Let’s mosey on down to the local liquor store, get some Skoal and a case of Bud and share our remorseful outlook for a world that is not white enough.  What a pathetic bunch of sub-humans!

I met my first black friend while stationed in Germany as a young Airman.  That was 1964.  I recall his first name, Eddie.  I do not recall his last name.  One day coming back from the chow hall at lunchtime, Eddie spun me around and asked, “Hey, Turner!  Do you like me because you like me; or because it’s cool for white guys to have black friends these days?”  Obviously, that question still resonates within me these 50-odd years later.  I responded, “Eddie, I do not need notches in my belt or trophies on my wall.”  We walked on.  My first supervisor in Germany was a black Sergeant, one of the nicest men ever to hold conversation with.

Hate is an easy emotion, actually.  It really takes little thought.  Hate exhibits the emotion of “push away”.  Fueled by intolerance, ignorance and fear hate becomes a toxin, a cancer that festers throughout society.  Hate allows one to shut down and out from the world around them, isolating their ideologies in a cocoon-like mental mud hut.

I was ordained in a parish pastored by a black man who is a close colleague from seminary.  Over the years, we have engaged in many a discussion about race and hate.  In the eyes of some (hopefully, not many) blacks I represent the consummate white male:  Blue eyes, white and silver beard, graying hair that once was auburn.

White haters like your William Fears feed into the toxic narrative that has been fueled by the likes of Donald J. Trump and Steve Bannon.  Trump most assuredly loves the racist and Neo-Nazi ideology that is feeding this current moment in history.  Trump’s father was a member of the KKK.  His grandfather was driven out of the German village where grandfather Drumpf lived because grand-pappy held Nazi views.  As the saying goes, “The apple falls not far from the tree.”

The William Fears, the Parrotts, the Perrins and the others you interviewed for your piece are the enemies of the Republic.  I regard them as under-evolved sub-humans whose only recourse to something different is violence.  “Kill it!”  Quoting Fears from your column, “I’d like there not to be violence . . . but it might be inevitable:.”  In other words, this “dude from Texas” wants a fight.  He is looking for a fight.  My solution, “Lock him up!”  He is a loose cannon looking to kill someone.  Fears’ psychopathology is “in your face”.  Again, he and his hate-filled buddies represent the very worst in America.  The William Fears of our world cannot embrace the idea of “shared Earth”.  They want it solely for themselves and only as they see it; no variations. These marauders are the godless among us, exercising certain tyranny against a freer state all the while encouraged by that Satanic Shill who has taken up residence in the White House.

Best regards,

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