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Response to del Percio Commentary on Criminal Republicans

Susan del Percio: “I guess it’s a different political norm we are facing today.” In other words, there is no MORAL norm today. Grimm is a thug and a bully. The videotape of his threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony puts Grimm in status with crime families. The Republican candidate from West Virginia […]

Thoughts on Evangelicalism

Evangelicals writ large have contaminated and corrupted Christian faith; at least insofar as many have come to understand and embrace the Faith. Hatred and intolerance form the core values of evangelicals. They are self-righteous ideologues who believe that they and only they hold any true faith. Yet, they are among the least faithful and the […]

Email to Kathleen Parker, WaPo, 19 FEB 2018

Dear Ms. Parker: In your column in yesterday’s Sunday Washington Post, your next to last paragraph reads, “Politicians don’t change or fix things until their constituents demand it . . .” That is a huge part of our national problem. Politicians, who are by their nature parasitic non-leaders, fail to be proactive. Even when constituents […]

Comment on NYT about Alt-Right, 14 FEB 2018

We have devolved into a society of lies and deception, with the despotic king of lies and deception residing in the White House. The United States of America is being splintered into multiple parts as never before, with vile, vulgar and vibrant misinformation taking control of the narrative. We are witnessing the rise of consummate […]

Post on Salon.com, 30 JAN 2018

It has been recorded that upon adjournment of the Continental Congress, Benjamin Franklin was asked what had been created.  Franklin responded, “A Republic, if you can keep her.”  It has become increasingly clear during this last year of Trump that our Republic is under siege.  The very tenets that have been the underpinnings of the […]

Post on AlterNet, 30 JAN 2018

The three branches of government were created by our Founders for the purpose of separating the powers. The Republican Party has abdicated its duty and responsibility to fulfill their requirements as the Legislative Branch by blurring the lines between the Legislative and Executive Branches; falling on their collective, tribal sword for Donald J. Trump, the […]

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC, 30 JAN 2018

Dear Joe Scarborough, It would be somewhat reassuring if Republicans in Congress read your piece in this last Sunday’s Washington Post (January 28th, 2018),  Sadly, I doubt if any will bother.  Congressional Republicans are so giddy with their newly found power their jubilation has transformed them into treacherous, hubris-filled beasts. The line between the Legislative […]