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Post on WaPo, 13 JAN 2018

Trump’s visions of grandeur along with his self-absorption as a “dictator/monarch” have poisoned so much of what is good in and about our Republic. Trump simply does not care how much damage he does to the nation; or, to our nation’s image before the world. In various ways Trump patterns himself after Hitler, Mussolini and […]

SEN Feinstein re Fusion GPS report

10 January 2018 The Honorable Dianne Feinstein United States Senate 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Senator Feinstein: This letter is written to thank you for your stalwart willingness to release the Fusion GPS report.  Your action speaks volumes about your courage; a strong sense of the ethical and, what is just […]

The Aging LGBT Community is still Alive and Kicking

Post on “The Advocate”, 10 JAN 2018 Now 73 years old, I came out with my first partner in the summer of 1968.  We were together for eight years and remained very close friends until his passing in 1996.  I decided to become an activist of sorts when Anita Bryant spewed out her vile excrement […]

Letter to Special Counsel Mueller

27 December 2017 Mr. Robert Mueller, Special Counsel FBI Headquarters Dear Special Counsel Mueller: Well, this is a first in my seventy-three years, writing a letter to the FBI! First, I thank you for your Military service.  I served with USAFSS from 1962 to 1966, gathering classified Intel.  I exited with an Honorable Discharge and […]

Enemies of the Nation State

November 2017 My interest in the political came alive during my senior year in high school.  Our “Problems of Democracy” class, aptly led by Frank Lupashunski our teacher, fueled my enthusiasm.  Being fully aware of my militant opposition to communism, the Soviet Union and “red” China, Mr. Lupashunski knew exactly how to set my patriotic […]

One Nation, under Assault

Chauncey DeVega with Johns Hopkins psychologist John Gartner: Donald Trump’s presidency is dangerous and destructive. Because he is an autocrat and petit-fascist, he has repeatedly demonstrated contempt for American democracy. His personal and political behavior has diminished America on the world stage. He has torn apart basic assumptions about political normality in an effort to […]

Bannon Banished? Not Really.

Good Sunday morning, WaPo! Bannon banished?  Nah.  I doubt it.  This is all for public consumption.  I seriously question this is the end of the Trump / Bannon bromance.  Bannon is Trump’s brain just as Rove was Bush II’s.  I have every good suspicion there will be late-night phone calls between T & B.  Bannon […]

About Hate

Good Sunday morning, Mr. McCoy/WaPo! The six (6) men interviewed for your column on hate represent the underbelly of American society and culture.  They are the worst among us; certainly not even so much as the slightly good among us. They live in a monolithic bubble where only whites (white trash, as I see it) […]

The Charlottesville Massacre

Sunday, August 6th, 2017 Governor Terry McAuliffe Dear Governor McAuliffe: It has been many years since I last wrote to you.  I was living in Boston at that time, and you were Chair of the Democratic National Party.  That letter was highly critical of the Democratic Party.  In fact, you provided the courtesy of phoning […]

Communicating effectively

May 2017 Words matter.  We humans communicate orally and in writing.  The hearing impaired use sign language to communicate, even when they learned how to speak before becoming deaf.  The blind communicate orally; read and write in braille. The mantra, “Say what you mean.  Mean what you say” has its own sense of importance.  I […]