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Posted 25 JAN 2018 on AlterNet

Our Republic is in its worst state perhaps in all her history. The Trump White House is aggressively trying to undermine the FBI and the Department of Justice. Trump believes he should CONTROL both, thereby eliminating the arms’ length and objective relationship necessary. It is obvious Trump and his congressional Republicans are taking pages out […]

Post on WaPo, 20 JAN 2018

Trump represents nearly everything decent, dignified and reasoned human despises. He is repulsive, repugnant; reprehensible. He is vulgar and vile, his recent s**t hole comment just one example. As a person, Trump is hollow, fallow and shallow. Those who follow and support him must be lacking something in their pathetic lives that allows them to […]

Lindsey Graham, naive Sycophant of Donald Trump

A post I read earlier this week refers to Graham as a “weasel”. Sounds about right. Graham is smarmy, and he even looks smarmy. His naivete is superseded by his arrogance (or, perhaps, vice versa). Trump has NO SCRUPLES. Trump has no morals, no ethics, no humanity, no compassion, no truth, no honesty and no […]

Response to Milbank article on WaPo re Homeland Security Sec’y Lies

If one pays even slightly close attention to what is being done to our country, our people, our environment and our children’s futures, one cannot help but become increasingly angered, outraged and enraged. That the Republican Party stands by their man while heinous and egregious acts are taking place is altogether sickening. Republicans by action […]

Email to David Von Drehle re Article on Haitians, 15 JAN 2018

Dear Mr. Von Drehle, good evening! Your commentary in yesterday’s “Sunday Washington Post” about Haiti is informative and educational.  Sadly, the one person who should read it will not:  Donald John Trump.  Based on what I have learned about Trump over these last many months, I suspect he would not be able to read it […]

Post on WaPo, 13 JAN 2018

Trump’s visions of grandeur along with his self-absorption as a “dictator/monarch” have poisoned so much of what is good in and about our Republic. Trump simply does not care how much damage he does to the nation; or, to our nation’s image before the world. In various ways Trump patterns himself after Hitler, Mussolini and […]

SEN Feinstein re Fusion GPS report

10 January 2018 The Honorable Dianne Feinstein United States Senate 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Senator Feinstein: This letter is written to thank you for your stalwart willingness to release the Fusion GPS report.  Your action speaks volumes about your courage; a strong sense of the ethical and, what is just […]

The Aging LGBT Community is still Alive and Kicking

Post on “The Advocate”, 10 JAN 2018 Now 73 years old, I came out with my first partner in the summer of 1968.  We were together for eight years and remained very close friends until his passing in 1996.  I decided to become an activist of sorts when Anita Bryant spewed out her vile excrement […]

Letter to Special Counsel Mueller

27 December 2017 Mr. Robert Mueller, Special Counsel FBI Headquarters Dear Special Counsel Mueller: Well, this is a first in my seventy-three years, writing a letter to the FBI! First, I thank you for your Military service.  I served with USAFSS from 1962 to 1966, gathering classified Intel.  I exited with an Honorable Discharge and […]