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About Hate

Good Sunday morning, Mr. McCoy/WaPo! The six (6) men interviewed for your column on hate represent the underbelly of American society and culture.  They are the worst among us; certainly not even so much as the slightly good among us. They live in a monolithic bubble where only whites (white trash, as I see it) […]

The Charlottesville Massacre

Sunday, August 6th, 2017 Governor Terry McAuliffe Dear Governor McAuliffe: It has been many years since I last wrote to you.  I was living in Boston at that time, and you were Chair of the Democratic National Party.  That letter was highly critical of the Democratic Party.  In fact, you provided the courtesy of phoning […]

Communicating effectively

May 2017 Words matter.  We humans communicate orally and in writing.  The hearing impaired use sign language to communicate, even when they learned how to speak before becoming deaf.  The blind communicate orally; read and write in braille. The mantra, “Say what you mean.  Mean what you say” has its own sense of importance.  I […]

Trump Biblical? Not likely.

Dear Senator Flake: I laughed aloud when I read your remark about Trump and the Biblical Ark. As both a seasoned business executive of many years and an ordained Christian theologian (I actually STUDIED the topic at seminary) I can assure you that Trump is anything but Biblical, even in the most evil of Biblical […]

On Leadership

The terms “leader” and “leadership” get bandied about often without a clear understanding of what a leader is; or, what the resultant leadership means.   It has been written and stated widely that “leaders are born, not made”.  While that axiom may get some pushback, leaders have an innate character that ultimately will take them into […]

Thoughts on Dr. Travis Bradberry

April 2017 As a fan and follower of Dr. Travis Bradberry, author of “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”, I admire and respect his plaudits for self-reflection/introspection and road maps to greater success. There is a “however”. Isn’t there always? Dr Bradberry lives and breathes in a world that is far removed from the world many others of […]

Email to Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post, 22 May 2016

Dear Mr. Sullivan, Your commentary in today’s Sunday Washington Post heralds a cause for concern among those of us who believe in the rule of law and staying within the parameters of those rules; and, for those of us who truly love our country, warts and all. Soper and his followers/colleagues are, simply stated, anarchists. […]

The Bathroom “Wars”

Dear Professor Haslam, The now “international” (seeing that you are in Melbourne, Australia) kerfuffle over bathrooms and transgender people, and users of restrooms in general, has kept me fully amused. I grew up in rural Maryland farm country on a small farm. In middle school (then known as ‘junior high’), we showered after gym class. […]

Recent posts to Salon.com

Below are two separate quotes I posted today on Salon.com. One refers to a two-part series by Noam Chomsky, a superior intellectual whom I have admired for years. Chomsky speaks to the decline and fall of the American Empire; a reality I saw coming a few decades ago. (Sadly.) The second is in response to […]

A nation, breaking

“Our political system is profoundly broken, and although many of us have understood that for years, this has been the year that fact became unavoidable.” That quote states the obvious. Our political “system” such as it is has been fracturing for decades. The pilots steering this ship of state have taken us until troubled seas, […]