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Thoughts on being gay

Now some forty years after coming out with my first partner, it challenges me at times to witness the degree of gay-hate that still exists in our country. Long ago I came to the conclusion that being gay or lesbian is as natural to the gay or lesbian as being straight is natural to the […]

Email to Seth Stephens, NYT, re Hate, 20 JUL 2014

Good morning. I just read your article on Storm Front, the hate group. Your article arrived in my Email, as I am a regular recipient of NYT commentaries. Hate is a powerful, dangerous emotion. As a man who “came out” 46 years ago as gay, I am somewhat familiar with hate. However, “coming out” in […]

Email to Dan Balz re low Voter Turnout, 27 JUL 2014

Dear Mr. Balz: The following is written in response to your column in today’s Sunday Washington Post, focusing on low voter turnout. I consider the crux of this problem to be the fact the larger population of the electorate has become dangerously disengaged because of a reaction, “Why should I vote? My vote won’t count […]

Reverend M. Vince Turner

Each of us is a composite of how we see ourselves and how others see us.  Over time we change.  Or, at least we should. Who am I?  I am all that I have been.  I am an eclectic collection of realist, dreamer, spiritualist, rationalist.  I see all people as equals.  Look down on no […]

Witnessing the rise of America’s underbelly

The character of a nation, or an empire, begins to erode severely when the unacceptable becomes the accepted.  When the barriers of propriety and formality, where anything goes becomes the rule rather than the exception, when dignity and common decency no longer are part of the soul of a nation that society begins to deteriorate […]

A Letter of Apology

To Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl: A Letter of Apology I do not know you.  You do not know me.  It is unlikely we will ever meet one another; or, have an opportunity to get to know one another.  In spite of that, I am compelled to share with you what follows. I was and continue to […]

The Normal Heart, a Movie

This film is absolutely superb, yet terribly heart-wrenching and heartbreaking. For those of us who lived through this time, the journey backward unleashed old wounds and deep sorrows. Gay men in particular were treated as society’s pariahs, told this was God’s punishment for being homosexual. The religious community that should have rushed out to help […]

The Lord of the Fields

By the Reverend M. Vincent Turner August 2009 / Revised March 2012 Growing up in rural Maryland farm country was unquestionably idyllic.  There is much about my boyhood life that I relish to this day, a time that upon reflection seems far simpler than today’s time.  Yet, amidst all the open space, fields of hay, […]

On Reflection

Those who know me well know that I have been a political junkie for many years. You also know that justice, integrity, honesty, loyalty and fairness form the core of my being.  None of those elements is fuzzy, wishy-washy or taken lightly.  Each owns its intimate share of gravitas for me. The caption under my […]

A Few Good Men

A Review of the Movie, “A Few Good Men” After seeing the movie “Black Hawk Down” on a recent Friday evening, I have reflected repeat-edly on this movie. Despite the heavy artillery, gunfire and airships tumbling to the ground, the theatrics cre-ated to make a war movie all the more appealing to the audience, there […]