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The Lord of the Fields

By the Reverend M. Vincent Turner August 2009 / Revised March 2012 Growing up in rural Maryland farm country was unquestionably idyllic.  There is much about my boyhood life that I relish to this day, a time that upon reflection seems far simpler than today’s time.  Yet, amidst all the open space, fields of hay, […]

On Reflection

Those who know me well know that I have been a political junkie for many years. You also know that justice, integrity, honesty, loyalty and fairness form the core of my being.  None of those elements is fuzzy, wishy-washy or taken lightly.  Each owns its intimate share of gravitas for me. The caption under my […]

A Few Good Men

A Review of the Movie, “A Few Good Men” After seeing the movie “Black Hawk Down” on a recent Friday evening, I have reflected repeat-edly on this movie. Despite the heavy artillery, gunfire and airships tumbling to the ground, the theatrics cre-ated to make a war movie all the more appealing to the audience, there […]