Lindsey Graham, naive Sycophant of Donald Trump

A post I read earlier this week refers to Graham as a “weasel”. Sounds about right. Graham is smarmy, and he even looks smarmy. His naivete is superseded by his arrogance (or, perhaps, vice versa). Trump has NO SCRUPLES. Trump has no morals, no ethics, no humanity, no compassion, no truth, no honesty and no loyalty to anyone but himself. (Simply consider the latest reports that Trump paid prostitutes for illicit sex while married.) People like Graham are the types that Trump feeds on with glee. Trump is nasty. He is not a nice person with whom any rational person can have honest and rational discourse.

You cannot be rational with an irrational person. You cannot detoxify a toxic person. Chuck Schumer learned this early on. I laughed out loud when Schumer said he could “negotiate” with Trump. Right, Chucky boy. Congressional Republicans have abdicated their collective duty to this nation. Each and every one of them should be brought up on charges of treason. (Right! Good luck with that.) Trump’s allegiance is solely to himself. He is a Machiavellian monster who cannot be reined it. He will let our Republic burn to the ground and have a big, gaudy party to celebrate our de

Response to Milbank article on WaPo re Homeland Security Sec’y Lies

If one pays even slightly close attention to what is being done to our country, our people, our environment and our children’s futures, one cannot help but become increasingly angered, outraged and enraged. That the Republican Party stands by their man while heinous and egregious acts are taking place is altogether sickening. Republicans by action and inaction are willfully destroying our Republic one piece at a time. At the rate they are going, restoration of America may never fully take place.

Email to David Von Drehle re Article on Haitians, 15 JAN 2018

Dear Mr. Von Drehle, good evening!

Your commentary in yesterday’s “Sunday Washington Post” about Haiti is informative and educational.  Sadly, the one person who should read it will not:  Donald John Trump.  Based on what I have learned about Trump over these last many months, I suspect he would not be able to read it or understand it all that well anyway.

It is most unfortunate how Trump may have emptied the swamp while opening a giant sewer over which he is the S**t Hole in Chief.  The sheer indignity, indecency, inhumanity and dishonesty demonstrated by Trump on nearly a daily basis is at the very least mind-boggling.  Trump has sullied our national image so drastically I wonder if we will ever get it back.  Even if we do get it back, it will not be 100%.  Trump has done unmistakable damage to our history, with no clear vision of when his blemishing will cease.

The son of a racist KKK member father and the grandson of a Nazi sympathizer who was driven out of his German village, Trump carries the family tradition rather well, one might assert.  His wives have been or are from East European countries.  His mother was illegal.  He is a New York slum lord who actually employs black and brown people to do his work.  What we see before us is a Machiavellian monster who is a white supremacist fascist Hitler-loving psychopath who is the antithesis of what it truly means to be American; no matter our creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.

Your column lifts up and unpacks the many gifts Haitians have provided to our Republic since our nation’s inception.  Trump seeks to douse the hopes of those who arrive on our shores with the greatest economic and at times psychic and emotional injuries.  It is our collective duty to assure that Trump and his minions do not succeed at shutting off the light of Lady Liberty; to assure the hopes of the disenfranchised will be answered.  All the better were Trump to be led out of the White House in shackles and chains, deported to some faraway asylum never to be heard from again by voice or by tweet.

Best regards.

Post on WaPo, 13 JAN 2018

Trump’s visions of grandeur along with his self-absorption as a “dictator/monarch” have poisoned so much of what is good in and about our Republic. Trump simply does not care how much damage he does to the nation; or, to our nation’s image before the world. In various ways Trump patterns himself after Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Seeing that those men are his role models, we should not be surprised by Trump’s antics. Trump does NOT love the United States. The White House is his platform for wealth gain. Trump has not divested himself from business operations that clearly are a conflict in interest. But the bigger problem, as I see it, is how enabling congressional Republicans have been toward Trump. The Republicans LOVE this. That is a clear indication of treachery; at the extreme, treason. When we hear the likes of Senators Purdue and Cotton saying they do not recall the s**thole comment, when any of us with basic common sense know full well they did hear it, we see what a horrible moment this is. Loss of truth, justice, honesty, decency and dignity are destroying us. The truly good has been forfeited for political bargain.

SEN Feinstein re Fusion GPS report

10 January 2018

The Honorable Dianne Feinstein

United States Senate

331 Hart Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Feinstein:

This letter is written to thank you for your stalwart willingness to release the Fusion GPS report.  Your action speaks volumes about your courage; a strong sense of the ethical and, what is just and right.

Frankly, I care nothing about the protestations of Senators Grassley and Graham, each with discernible character flaws that speak volumes.  In fact, there have been reports that Senator Graham has or had direct ties with Russian funding.  Perhaps that is why Graham feels such a strong kinship with Donald J. Trump, the president in name only.

The fact is, I believe our nation (Republic) is in the most dangerous state in her entire history.  Donald J. Trump is more flawed than most humans, and with bold disregard for his duty as a president and his sworn Oath to our nation.  The fact congressional Republicans are fawning over Trump and genuflecting at his altar of mass deception all but assures the demise of our Republic.  That any Party would bring such disgrace upon the United States is unforgivable and, for some, incomprehensible.  The effort to obstruct transparency speaks to the great evils taking place “behind the veil”.

Senator, my family has served this nation’s Military since the American Revolutionary War.  I was a very young Air Force Staff Sergeant, serving in highly classified Intel gathering.  Prior to his assassination, President John F. Kennedy was my Commander-in-Chief.  His death still represents one of the very darkest moments in America’s history.

I pray that we will get through this moment and come out for the better, having survived the moment.  But, I lack the optimism I once had.  The pride of country I held as a young Sergeant is all but absent.  I feel shame and disgust, Donald J. Trump raising those sentiments to levels heretofore unimaginable.  Trump does not belong in the White House.  He does not deserve the accolades afforded him by his diminishing population of supporters.  Our nation is under siege.  Someone, somewhere, somehow must halt it.  Our national disgrace is growing unabated.

Thank you again for your encourage.  God save America!  God Bless you!

Most respectfully yours,

The Aging LGBT Community is still Alive and Kicking

Post on “The Advocate”, 10 JAN 2018

Now 73 years old, I came out with my first partner in the summer of 1968.  We were together for eight years and remained very close friends until his passing in 1996.  I decided to become an activist of sorts when Anita Bryant spewed out her vile excrement that all gay men were male child molesters.  At that point, trying to live my “quiet” life became focused on gay rights.

I joined the DC Gay Activists’ Alliance at the time when Frank Kameny, a pioneer for gay rights, was with DC GAA.  I went on to become one of the original members of Human Rights Campaign Fund, now HRC.  Served on the board of directors of two separate gay rights groups and later wrote columns for a couple gay rags.  I refused to use a pseudonym.  If you’ve got the balls to write, you should have the balls to stand behind it naked to the world.  After all, if you are reading one of my articles in a gay newspaper it is most likely you are either gay or gay-friendly.

The years have since passed.  My partner of eight years, Chuck, died from AIDS in 1996.  I will love him until there is no more daylight in my life.  I lost many friends and boyfriends during the “scourge”.  I raged at Ronald Reagan, a phony to his core, for turning his back on the LGBT community; including his diverting millions from HIV/AIDS research to lesser causes simply to soothe his hatred of homosexuals.

Over these many years I have become the consummate cynic; the ultimate skeptic.  When my younger brother tells me he “loves” me but he cannot “agree” with my lifestyle, I have informed him it is not up to him to agree or to disagree with it.  A born-again-“Christian”, I wonder if he actually UNDERSTANDS the Gospels.  I do.  After all, I studied Holy Scripture at seminary for my graduate degree.  Our worst enemies come in two stripes:  1) The closet queers who bludgeon us in public while doing the naughty in the woods after the wife has gone to sleep.  2) The faux Christian heretics who believe they own God and Christ when in fact they cannot hold a candle even close to either one.  Our battles continue, for our war has yet to be won.

Letter to Special Counsel Mueller

27 December 2017

Mr. Robert Mueller, Special Counsel

FBI Headquarters

Dear Special Counsel Mueller:

Well, this is a first in my seventy-three years, writing a letter to the FBI!

First, I thank you for your Military service.  I served with USAFSS from 1962 to 1966, gathering classified Intel.  I exited with an Honorable Discharge and three letters of commendation at the rank of Staff Sergeant.  My family has served since The American Revolutionary War.

Now, to the heart of my letter:  Donald J. Trump, president in name only, and his cabal of nationalist anti-Patriots.  Frankly, I am not sure exactly where to start.  I firmly believe our Republic is under siege by the worst of the worst.  By people who have embraced a destiny for our nation that in no way represents the democratic republic formed by our Founders.

Trump is no mystery to those of us who possess a better than average education; who do not fall for the games played by this snake oil salesman.  Trump employs the tactics to divert, deflect, distract, deceive, discount, divide and deny.  He and his acolytes are dangerous to our Republic and her future.  Trump has modeled himself after the likes of Hitler and Mussolini, a comparison made not by me but by many who have watched him far more closely and know his psychopathology much better than I do.

Mr. Mueller, I have deep, grave concerns — fear for — the direction our country is being taken under this Trump administration.  They demonstrate no discernable loyalty to the United States.  Their loyalty resides with the well-heeled moneyed moguls with whom Trump has surrounded himself within his cabinet and his cadre of colleagues and friends.  Trump may deny his affection for Russia and Vladimir Putin, but those of us who have followed him know better.  “Where there is smoke, there is fire.”  For the first time in my life, I am worried for our nation.  I hope and pray that your team can unravel this mess and bring justice, clarity and closure to it.  The fate of the United States hangs in the balance.

In addition, I question the Republicans’ deliberate undermining of your investigation.  Certain Republican members of Congress appear suspect (and, perhaps they should be investigated).  What are they hiding?  I wish you the best of luck.  Many Americans “have your back”, despite the antics of this Machiavellian monster in the White House.

With best regards,


Enemies of the Nation State

November 2017

My interest in the political came alive during my senior year in high school.  Our “Problems of Democracy” class, aptly led by Frank Lupashunski our teacher, fueled my enthusiasm.  Being fully aware of my militant opposition to communism, the Soviet Union and “red” China, Mr. Lupashunski knew exactly how to set my patriotic fires ablaze.  Discussions and debates ensued.  That was the genesis of my pursuit of the political.

My “fire” for the political grew during my service with the United States Air Force.  During my tour of duty at a remote site in Pakistan, I followed American and international politics with a fervor; at least as much as it was possible to do in that setting.  The Air Force unleashed my Warrior aspect, allowing me to hone in on those aspects of life that attracted and inspired me the most.

I have been called a quick study; described as one who misses little and captures more than the average naked eye.  I have never relinquished my sense of what is fair and just.  I abhor liars, deceivers, betrayers and enemies of our country.  Some will fault me for being too direct, too “on point” and “brutally honest”.  I hear my mother’s voice saying to friends in high school, “Don’t ask him for his opinion unless that is what you really want.  Because, that is all you will get.”  Truth has no compromise.  My passion fuels my pursuit of the ultimate good and just; and, truth.

I am not intentionally brash despite having been described as such.   I am too matter-of-fact for some.  It is just easier and more efficient to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ without a lot of fluff along the way.  (A straight line after all is a straight line.)  Too many people are life wasters, oblivious to how others simply want them to make their point and move on.  Cut to the chase; then get on with the rest of your life.

My country means everything to me.  “God, Country and Force” during Military duty formed the mantra that placed everything else with less priority except, of course, for family.

As I have meandered through life’s troubled waters, I have done my best to stay on a steady course.  Yet, that course has often been disrupted by the least expected and most volatile of moments.  But, I am a survivor.  To be a survivor does not require cunning; it requires determination; tenacious determination and a will to drive it.  One must remain centered and focused, a very “Eastern” teaching.

As I give witness to our current-day political landscape, I appeal to my inner strengths expressed in the foregoing.  I feel rage, outrage and anger:  a lot.  This current moment in our nation’s history should be raising red flags across the land.  The fact there is an effort to upend our nation and our U.S. Constitution by the likes of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Richard Spencer (to name only three) along with cabinet members in the current White House should be generating a level of outrage not seen since the Vietnam War.  Our nation is at peril.  Unlike the Vietnam War, too many sit by in silence.

The current resident of the White House and those with whom he has surrounded himself are the antithesis of everything I believe in and hold dear for our Republic.  Those who persist in following him are delusional, having drunk the Trumpian Kool Aid loaded with charlatanism, hubris and deception; and, yes, anarchy.  The anarchy being set upon our nation has one purpose and one purpose only:  to destroy the basic fundamentals, the fabric and the rule of law that have been at the core of our governance since the country’s beginning.

It is often stated that when a lie is told often enough as “truth” it can become truth.  Well, that is terribly naïve.  It suggests one’s inner moral compass can be manipulated to believe that which is not is belief-worthy.  This continues to be the goal of the Trump administration and many in Congress.  President George H. W. Bush, a man for whom I continue to have great respect, often remarked about “fuzzy math” and “smoke and mirrors”.  The methodology of divert and distract works for some, but not for all.  “You can fool some of the people all of the time; all of the people some of the time; but not all of the people all of the time.”

The United States of America is at a dangerous crossroad.  When a president gives a pass to neo-Nazis marching Hitler-style with torches through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia and that same president says many of those neo-Nazi and KKK members are “good people”, it becomes obvious that president is ill-suited for the position.  The ethnocentric mindset of the Richard Spencers (alt-right) gives great cause to worry and to be concerned.  The Steve Bannons of this world (Breitbart) are the enemies of our nation state.  Their whites-only heterosexist monochromatic view of the world defies what our Republic stands for.  They do not embrace the idea that we are a “melting pot”.  Their narrow view of the wider world seeks to imprison all of us within walls of intolerance; hate and violence and racial stereotypes.  Intelligence and intellect are not to be trusted, regarded the enemy of human pursuit.  Our wider population must see the tyranny that is being set upon us.  We must resist it, push it back into its dark and dreary den of anarchy and assure their narrative does not become our universal narrative.  If they win, our Republic has lost – forever.




One Nation, under Assault

Chauncey DeVega with Johns Hopkins psychologist John Gartner:

Donald Trump’s presidency is dangerous and destructive. Because he is an autocrat and petit-fascist, he has repeatedly demonstrated contempt for American democracy. His personal and political behavior has diminished America on the world stage. He has torn apart basic assumptions about political normality in an effort to expand his power. His speech and actions, first as a candidate and now as president, have either expressly or tacitly and encouraged political violence against nonwhites, Muslims and any other group the American far right views as its enemies.

There is considerable evidence to suggest that Trump is personally corrupt and is using the presidency to enrich himself, his family and other members of his cabal at the literal expense of the American people. His behavior also indicates that he is likely beholden to Russian President Vladimir Putin instead of the people and interests of the United States.

Bannon Banished? Not Really.

Good Sunday morning, WaPo!

Bannon banished?  Nah.  I doubt it.  This is all for public consumption.  I seriously question this is the end of the Trump / Bannon bromance.  Bannon is Trump’s brain just as Rove was Bush II’s.  I have every good suspicion there will be late-night phone calls between T & B.  Bannon has created the Trump narrative.  Trump is consumed with far too much hate and hubris to let that go out the door.

Best regards,