Comment on WaPo responding to Michael Gerson’s column on today’s vile rhetoric

Quote, “And the repair of our public life will eventually require a restoration of rhetoric.” End quote. Good luck with that one! I have watched with considerable sorrow over the years how our nation has been sliding into a national sewer. Trump calls it a “swamp”, but Trump replaced the swamp with his own style putrid cesspool.

Those things once treated as “best left unsaid” now are the sayable. The boundaries have been broken down in multiple venues. The ‘in your face’ mindset is killing us from within. If I think it, I will say it. Right out of the Trump playbook. But, Trump does not get all the credit on this. Somehow, the art of the insult has become far more powerful than the art of the deal; any deal.

I catch myself using profanity and expletives where even just a few short years ago I would not have. That is especially true when posting comments online in certain venues. I strive to avoid personal attacks, despite the fact having come under some pretty nasty ones.

Decency and dignity, truth and honesty have become the victims of society’s villains, villains who believe anything goes and there should be no holds barred. Being “gentlemanly” and “ladylike” seem almost vulgar in concept in today’s world. License to be vulgar and thoughtless has pushed aside the idea of being thoughtful and compassionate. As a friend said to me years ago, “We are like rats. We eat our own.” It appears there is no toxin or poison potent enough to kill that.

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