Email to Dan Balz re low Voter Turnout, 27 JUL 2014

Dear Mr. Balz:

The following is written in response to your column in today’s Sunday Washington Post, focusing on low voter turnout.

I consider the crux of this problem to be the fact the larger population of the electorate has become dangerously disengaged because of a reaction, “Why should I vote? My vote won’t count anyway in the scheme of things.” Too many, perhaps a majority of voters, simply believe we do not matter.

The lobbyists, corporations, banks, oil companies, insurance companies and a whole host of other industries all but control the United States Congress, White House; and, more recently, the Supreme Court. I refuse not to vote. That is my right, all the while realizing the political system — legislative, judicial and executive branches — will continue to do as they damned well please because “we the people” are in a situation to change absolutely nothing (without another revolution, which Jefferson suggested should occur “every 20 years or so”).

Add to the frustration of the voter feeling wholly disengaged the gerrymandering of certain voting districts that has occurred during the last few years, and voter “significance” in the system diminishes exponentially. The quote from Plato below fairly well sums up where we are as a nation. Too many members of Congress are beyond a national disgrace, what with their buffoonery, blatant stupidity and how their lack of ethics or morality is fueled by transparent dumbness.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato

Best regards,

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