Email to David Von Drehle re Article on Haitians, 15 JAN 2018

Dear Mr. Von Drehle, good evening!

Your commentary in yesterday’s “Sunday Washington Post” about Haiti is informative and educational.  Sadly, the one person who should read it will not:  Donald John Trump.  Based on what I have learned about Trump over these last many months, I suspect he would not be able to read it or understand it all that well anyway.

It is most unfortunate how Trump may have emptied the swamp while opening a giant sewer over which he is the S**t Hole in Chief.  The sheer indignity, indecency, inhumanity and dishonesty demonstrated by Trump on nearly a daily basis is at the very least mind-boggling.  Trump has sullied our national image so drastically I wonder if we will ever get it back.  Even if we do get it back, it will not be 100%.  Trump has done unmistakable damage to our history, with no clear vision of when his blemishing will cease.

The son of a racist KKK member father and the grandson of a Nazi sympathizer who was driven out of his German village, Trump carries the family tradition rather well, one might assert.  His wives have been or are from East European countries.  His mother was illegal.  He is a New York slum lord who actually employs black and brown people to do his work.  What we see before us is a Machiavellian monster who is a white supremacist fascist Hitler-loving psychopath who is the antithesis of what it truly means to be American; no matter our creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.

Your column lifts up and unpacks the many gifts Haitians have provided to our Republic since our nation’s inception.  Trump seeks to douse the hopes of those who arrive on our shores with the greatest economic and at times psychic and emotional injuries.  It is our collective duty to assure that Trump and his minions do not succeed at shutting off the light of Lady Liberty; to assure the hopes of the disenfranchised will be answered.  All the better were Trump to be led out of the White House in shackles and chains, deported to some faraway asylum never to be heard from again by voice or by tweet.

Best regards.

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