Email to Face the Nation, April 26th, 2015

Dear Mr. Schieffer:

I am writing to you today to laud your segment on gay marriage. You kept it well-balanced.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has a terribly flawed position on gay marriage along with a misinformed opinion on marriage itself. The origins of marriage included nothing romantic or even egalitarian. Marriages were arranged by the families. Today, in India and Middle Eastern countries this remains in practice. Marriages originated in order to preserve wealth, status, assurances that progeny would not be orphaned into society; and, rights to property and inheritance. The wife was not an equal partner, another fact that remains true in many countries.

Perkins has been a vocal and militant adversary of gays and gay rights for decades. Perkins has a terribly flawed interpretation of Holy Scripture all the while trumpeting how gay marriage will undermine the tenets of Christianity. Perkins pulls every trick out of his bag, including intentional misrepresentation of facts to gird up his hatred and intolerance toward the gay culture. In addition, Perkins has trumpeted some terribly vile and venomous accusations against gay men that are not only heinous and hideous; they are sweepingly invalid.

If those who oppose gay marriage will pull themselves away for a moment from their thoughts on the sex aspect (which some refer to as “icky”), they will come to an understanding about why marriage is so important, even vital, to gays and lesbians. I return to my posits in the second paragraph: It provides protection of the property and inheritance of the gay or lesbian couple, while also providing unrestricted visitation rights when one of the partners is in hospice or hospital. There are many hideous stories about parents who never condoned their son’s or daughter’s homosexual “arrangement” and prevented the rightful heir to property and monetary inheritance. Or, worse yet, preventing a partner access to their mate while dying in a hospital.

Perkins cannot wrap the Mantel of Jesus Christ across his shoulders, because Perkins is a Christian in voice only; not in action. He fabricates and corrupts Holy Scripture to support his hostility toward gay rights. (Many do, in fact!)

As to that “ick” factor some feel toward gay sex: Gays have not come up with any sexual practices or acts that straights have not thought up and tried already.

Again, thank you for a balanced segment about this very contentious subject.

The Reverend M. Vincent Turner

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