For once, The Evil Doers have lost the day

As an ordained Christian theologian who actually received a graduate degree in Christian theology (which many of the self-defined right clergy did not — including Huckabee son of Satan), it is time to move on. Gays and lesbians won the day, as indeed we should have. Yes, it was a desperate week for all those intolerant right wingers, to whom I offer my condolences. The tight, narrow judgmental world that you have embraced with so much self-righteous aplomb is dying around you and you simply cannot escape that tiny little box that you have thrived in so comfortably, hugging your hate and hypocrisy. Well, now! One of the walls has fallen away; maybe even two of those walls. Oh, my! What are we do to now? I have fielded, dodged and rebelled against your hate and ignorance all of my 47 years as an out and self-accepting gay man. The shame you have put on us for decades now becomes your very own, and for that I am overjoyed.

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