Letter to Attorney Mapes regarding Dieseltec Gay Hating Owner

Dear Attorney Mapes:

This Email follows my reading your post about Dieseltec and the dust storm/firestorm the owner of Dieseltec has ignited.

First, I doubt that Bryan Klawiter actually received death threats or the like. Even so, if he did, such threats likely came from straight folk. Or, if one chooses to be more pernicious, from select friends who made the phone calls for him to validate his claim.

You will note from my signature block that I am a ‘Reverend’, ordained in the Episcopal Rite of Ordination. You will also note that I am a Veteran, having served honorably with our United States Air Force in classified Intel gathering overseas. I was promoted to “Sergeant” before age 21 and made Controller, Ops Section at age 21.

What you do not see is that I am a senior executive in the private business sector where I have spent the last 45 years of my life. I have held senior management positions for over 30 years. I have dual degrees and various national certifications.

And, oh! I also am gay. Yes, by God I am a homosexual. It would take years upon years before I would make such a statement openly. I grew up on a small farm in Maryland farm community. Church and Sunday school every Sunday. Choir. Youth leadership. Boy Scouts. Holiday fundraising. I knew somewhere around age 5 that I liked men. I just did not understand how or why I liked them; especially looking at their bodies. I “came out” at age 24 with my first partner who then was 19. We had eight wonderful years together and remained closely bonded until he died in 1996.

I share my brief “resume” with you, because I am not a minority in the gay culture. Thousands if not millions of gays and lesbians devote our lives to excellence, achievement and the common good. If “God” made such a huge mistake in creating homosexuals, why then are we in every family, every culture, every nationality, every ethnicity and every religion? The anti-gay religious fanatics have it all wrong, all the while derogating a valuable segment of society and culture.

Back to Klawiter: I really do not know why such vermin exists in the scheme of life. I do not know why there is so much HATE being spewed out against homosexuals in our society; even by men running for election to the highest office in the land. I read the vile excrement that exits the mouths of some of our most hateful opponents and ask, “Why?” Seriously, “Why?”

I suspect Klawiter of creating a scheme, using gays as his launch pad. Why else would anyone, mechanic or otherwise, who lives in a before-now all but unknown town in Michigan make a banner statement about not servicing gays? Worse, why would he suggest he might actually create a mechanical problem in gay client’s car; a problem perhaps that could lead to death? Where does such insidious, vicious full-depth hate come from? The fact is, from a psychological perspective, Klawiter demonstrates behaviors found commonly in men who are in fear and denial of their own homosexual yearnings. Klawiter is among those lunatics who would go out and “kill a queer for Jesus”, while not even coming close to knowing what Jesus actually taught; or, coming to terms with their own inner demons.

I enjoyed reading your letter. However, your closing it with “May God have mercy on your soul” suggests to me that perhaps you are far more gracious than I might be, even while wearing my collar and Cross of the Resurrection.

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