Lindsey Graham, naive Sycophant of Donald Trump

A post I read earlier this week refers to Graham as a “weasel”. Sounds about right. Graham is smarmy, and he even looks smarmy. His naivete is superseded by his arrogance (or, perhaps, vice versa). Trump has NO SCRUPLES. Trump has no morals, no ethics, no humanity, no compassion, no truth, no honesty and no loyalty to anyone but himself. (Simply consider the latest reports that Trump paid prostitutes for illicit sex while married.) People like Graham are the types that Trump feeds on with glee. Trump is nasty. He is not a nice person with whom any rational person can have honest and rational discourse.

You cannot be rational with an irrational person. You cannot detoxify a toxic person. Chuck Schumer learned this early on. I laughed out loud when Schumer said he could “negotiate” with Trump. Right, Chucky boy. Congressional Republicans have abdicated their collective duty to this nation. Each and every one of them should be brought up on charges of treason. (Right! Good luck with that.) Trump’s allegiance is solely to himself. He is a Machiavellian monster who cannot be reined it. He will let our Republic burn to the ground and have a big, gaudy party to celebrate our de

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