LTR to Perez, Chair, DNC

Mr. Tom Perez, Chair
Democratic National Committee
430 S Capitol St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Chairman Mr. Perez:

As a result of my total frustration with today’s national political climate, it has taken considerable time to compose this letter. It is saddening, angering and disgusting how the Democratic Party has become so weak and outrageously impotent.

There is zero strength of leadership at the national level, including in the DNC. Pelosi and Schumer are retreads from the past, ineffectual and self-preserving. Although I am an Independent, I have supported the Democratic Party since the days of Bill Clinton. I contributed generously to the Dean and then, Kerry campaign. I supported and contributed to the Obama campaign.

Yet, over time the Democratic Party has become weak, rudderless absent specific goals for the future. Given the listless non-direction of the Party, it is easy to anticipate Democrats will continue to fall behind. That will lend more to the Donald Trumps of the political spectrum. Trump along with McConnell, Ryan, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy and Ron Johnson represent the underbelly of America; the robber barons of America’s future.

Our Republic is under siege and all the while the Democrats sit back, stunned and silent. Absent a game plan or plan of attack (yes, attack), the Democrats have no clear message, no clear sense of direction and no visible signs of strength. While I agree with some pols and pundits that Donald Trump should not be the centerpiece of 2018 and 2020, the plight of our nation should be in full focus. Politics is pugilism at its core. Former Secretary of State Albright once remarked about those who lacked cojones. Democrats have no cojones; spineless. One hears from time to time how bringing Democrats to consensus is like trying to herd cats. Well, Chairman Perez, it is time to change that failed formula. Otherwise, the Party will continue to fail and fail miserably.

Frankly, I do not care about either political party. I care about our nation, which I proudly served slightly more than fifty years ago as a United States Air Force Staff Sergeant, earning my Honorable Discharge and three commendations. Through lack of focus and mission, the Democratic Party has become com-plicit in the demonic tyranny being waged by Republicans against the United States of America. Shame! Shame on you!


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