Post on AlterNet, 30 JAN 2018

The three branches of government were created by our Founders for the purpose of separating the powers. The Republican Party has abdicated its duty and responsibility to fulfill their requirements as the Legislative Branch by blurring the lines between the Legislative and Executive Branches; falling on their collective, tribal sword for Donald J. Trump, the enemy of our Democratic Republic. The Democratic Party has become all but useless, what with its infighting, piss poor leadership and its failure to get solidly behind one candidate. (Bernie Sanders was a pariah to the process, and cost the 2016 election hugely.) Pelosi? OMG. Pathetic at any level.

Trump’s scorched earth, burn the Constitution form of quasi-governance is taking the United States down a perilous path. Sadly, the congressional Republicans are so giddy with power their hubris is taking us down that perilous path. This has been long in the making, but all too short for the taking.

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