Post on HuffPost re Michelle Wolf’s Roast of Correspondents’ Dinner

Trump’s entire mission is to suppress and destroy. The fact Michelle Wolf has created a wedgie for Trumpty Dumpty is in fact a good thing. Did Wolf cross the line a couple times? Yes. Perhaps Wolf’s “shock therapy” has ignited a fire among members of the press corps who have become too lax, too easy and so protective of their station in the media world they are failing at harsh criticism and critique. Except for Trump’s minions, the rest of us know all too well that Trump sees himself as an American emperor/dictator wannabe. He wants to rule with a stiff hand, perpetually flashing a mirror in from of himself to suggest he is such a beautiful lad. Well, he isn’t. In fact, Trump is ugly on the inside and the outside. He is a Machiavellian Frankenstein who should in fact be forced to eat his own excrement. Thank you, Michelle Wolf!!

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