Post on, 30 JAN 2018

It has been recorded that upon adjournment of the Continental Congress, Benjamin Franklin was asked what had been created.  Franklin responded, “A Republic, if you can keep her.”  It has become increasingly clear during this last year of Trump that our Republic is under siege.  The very tenets that have been the underpinnings of the United States are being aggressively dismantled.  People such as Jones and Gorka are the fringe of the fringe, but they have audiences.  What is especially concerning is not how large or small their audiences may be.  It is that they have audiences at all.  That fact speaks to an underlying problem among a subset of American citizens who are totally clueless about the system of governance we live in.  The bluster and bombast of Trump and his close knit circle of friends sounds assertive and aggressive to some, allowing them to take on the “Give ’em hell, Harry” persona.  That bravado is ill-fated for them and for the nation.  If the congressional Republicans continue to fail at their DUTY to this nation, we will fall ever more precipitously toward a fascist state run by oligarchs and the masses will become their serfs.  (If we haven’t already.)

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