Post on WaPo, 13 JAN 2018

Trump’s visions of grandeur along with his self-absorption as a “dictator/monarch” have poisoned so much of what is good in and about our Republic. Trump simply does not care how much damage he does to the nation; or, to our nation’s image before the world. In various ways Trump patterns himself after Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Seeing that those men are his role models, we should not be surprised by Trump’s antics. Trump does NOT love the United States. The White House is his platform for wealth gain. Trump has not divested himself from business operations that clearly are a conflict in interest. But the bigger problem, as I see it, is how enabling congressional Republicans have been toward Trump. The Republicans LOVE this. That is a clear indication of treachery; at the extreme, treason. When we hear the likes of Senators Purdue and Cotton saying they do not recall the s**thole comment, when any of us with basic common sense know full well they did hear it, we see what a horrible moment this is. Loss of truth, justice, honesty, decency and dignity are destroying us. The truly good has been forfeited for political bargain.

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