Post on WaPo, 25 JAN 2018 re Article on DACA, CHIP & 2-week Delay

Democrats are weak and weak-kneed. Pelosi is a lost cause and should be pushed to the back rows of the Party. I will give Schumer some license, but he is the man who insisted early-on that he could “negotiate” with Trump. Well, we see how that’s worked out. Politics is pugilism at both its best and at its worst. In order to “reason” with the right (so wrong in their ideology), it has to be bare-knuckle no-holds-barred pugilism. Democrats need to organize; stop being like cats that cannot be herded. The Democrats are their own worst enemy: Too much navel gazing. Too much kindergarten style in-fighting. The one thing Republicans have always had going for them: Once a leader is picked, the leader is picked even that means holding one’s nose. One does not rule by consensus; they rule by authority and everyone falls in line, like it or not. So long as Democrats allow the likes of Bernie Sanders to ride on their coattails, they will continue to lose. So long as Democrats ignore the young, strong and forward thinking within their Party, they will lose.

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