Posted 25 JAN 2018 on AlterNet

Our Republic is in its worst state perhaps in all her history. The Trump White House is aggressively trying to undermine the FBI and the Department of Justice. Trump believes he should CONTROL both, thereby eliminating the arms’ length and objective relationship necessary. It is obvious Trump and his congressional Republicans are taking pages out of Hitler’s playbook and Stalin’s. Just within this last week Justice Gorsuch has been cited for hobnobbing with Republicans in quiet quarters. The goal of the Trump administration is to upend our nation. The Trump White House is getting huge support from Republicans in Congress. The claim by several Republican congressmen that the FBI has a “secret society” is poised intentionally to discredit the Agency and the DOJ. If this ship of state is not soon righted, we may have seen the last of our very best days as a democratic republic.

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