Response to del Percio Commentary on Criminal Republicans

Susan del Percio: “I guess it’s a different political norm we are facing today.” In other words, there is no MORAL norm today. Grimm is a thug and a bully. The videotape of his threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony puts Grimm in status with crime families. The Republican candidate from West Virginia believes “coal is coming back” and can care less about what has happened to the lives of his own coal miners.

The average American among the 70% (discounting Trump’s 30% following) simply want to see our country run with a clear sense of direction and decorum; not as a goddamned slugfest. We the people gave away our voices long ago when that Huckster Reagan took office. “Aw shucks” Ronny was the genesis of a nation now reaching the status of shambles. There is no moral culpability; or, liability. Just keep on robbing the public largess while seeing who can tell the next best lie. We want better. We deserve better. But, the fact is our country is run and ruined by corporate moguls who have every Member of Congress in their hip pocket

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