The 47 US Senate Traitors

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Recent national events have left me nothing short of seething with anger and outrage. The treasonous ordeal acted out by House Speaker John Boehner and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu did not even rise to open censure of Boehner. That was a huge national disgrace and a direct slap in the face of our presidency.

Then Senator Tom Cotton of Arizona and forty-six of his colleagues wrote a letter to the Ayatollah of Iran, informing the Ayatollah that our president really does not have the authority to carry out negotiations with Iran on a nuclear peace deal. REALLY? I call Cotton & Crew the Clan of 47 Traitors of our Nation. In earlier times in our nation, such men would be hanged in public. Today? Nah! Of course not. They likely will receive huge under the table funds from the likes of the Koch Brothers.

Some people think I am hysterical when I rage about how this nation is collapsing from within at every quarter. The so-called “liberals” such as Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Schultz and others really are not liberals. They are preservationists, trying to save and preserve a country that is falling apart because politicians, mostly Republican but not all, have sold us out.

Then one hears about this latest dust up with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma, where SAE’s members were photo recorded chanting the word “n—ger” as one of its mantras. A mother of one of the participants reportedly said that her son was too drunk to realize what he was doing. He apologized. Wow! “He’s such a good boy,” she said. I wanted to vomit. Here’s my retort to mama: “Where do you think he LEARNED that racism?” Yeah, mama, that’s right: He learned it from you, papa and all your son’s snot-nosed elitist racist friends. Do you really think all of America is so stupid as to not catch on? Besides, Oklahoma and most of its neighboring or contiguous states are known for race hate, minority hate, gay hate, Jew hate and misogyny. It becomes trans generational because each new generation simply perpetuates the worst of the previous.

In closing I offer my reaction to the 47 enemies of the state. I sent the following email to Maryland U.S. Senator Cardin today. There is a certain tyranny at hand here, and if it is not soon reined in, matters simply will worsen and we as a people will become even more destabilized. It is not what sees upon the surface, but what is convulsing just below that surface.

Dear Senator Cardin:

The band of 47 Members of Congress who wrote their letter to the government of Iran have committed treason. They are traitors to our nation and the U.S. Constitution. Let’s see how FEW Members of Congress have the balls to call them out on their actions as traitors.

There was a time when such acts resulted in hangings. Now, our nation has become so welcomed I doubt there will be so much as censure or condemnation. John Boehner should be included in all such reprimand. But, I do not hold out any hope. The Legislative Branch of our national government is weak and spineless.

The Reverend M. Vincent Turner.

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