The Aging LGBT Community is still Alive and Kicking

Post on “The Advocate”, 10 JAN 2018

Now 73 years old, I came out with my first partner in the summer of 1968.  We were together for eight years and remained very close friends until his passing in 1996.  I decided to become an activist of sorts when Anita Bryant spewed out her vile excrement that all gay men were male child molesters.  At that point, trying to live my “quiet” life became focused on gay rights.

I joined the DC Gay Activists’ Alliance at the time when Frank Kameny, a pioneer for gay rights, was with DC GAA.  I went on to become one of the original members of Human Rights Campaign Fund, now HRC.  Served on the board of directors of two separate gay rights groups and later wrote columns for a couple gay rags.  I refused to use a pseudonym.  If you’ve got the balls to write, you should have the balls to stand behind it naked to the world.  After all, if you are reading one of my articles in a gay newspaper it is most likely you are either gay or gay-friendly.

The years have since passed.  My partner of eight years, Chuck, died from AIDS in 1996.  I will love him until there is no more daylight in my life.  I lost many friends and boyfriends during the “scourge”.  I raged at Ronald Reagan, a phony to his core, for turning his back on the LGBT community; including his diverting millions from HIV/AIDS research to lesser causes simply to soothe his hatred of homosexuals.

Over these many years I have become the consummate cynic; the ultimate skeptic.  When my younger brother tells me he “loves” me but he cannot “agree” with my lifestyle, I have informed him it is not up to him to agree or to disagree with it.  A born-again-“Christian”, I wonder if he actually UNDERSTANDS the Gospels.  I do.  After all, I studied Holy Scripture at seminary for my graduate degree.  Our worst enemies come in two stripes:  1) The closet queers who bludgeon us in public while doing the naughty in the woods after the wife has gone to sleep.  2) The faux Christian heretics who believe they own God and Christ when in fact they cannot hold a candle even close to either one.  Our battles continue, for our war has yet to be won.

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