The Charlottesville Massacre

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Governor Terry McAuliffe

Dear Governor McAuliffe:

It has been many years since I last wrote to you.  I was living in Boston at that time, and you were Chair of the Democratic National Party.  That letter was highly critical of the Democratic Party.  In fact, you provided the courtesy of phoning me to discuss my letter.  You urged a more affirming perspective.

That has not happened.  If anything, the Democratic leadership, such as it is, has worsened.  Schumer and Pelosi should be tossed into the annals of history like yesterday’s toast.  The Democrats lack spine, courage, direction and unity.  Schumer actually remarked some months back that he can “negotiate” with Trump.  Wow!  Yet, Schumer also was seen recently cavorting with the Kushners at a Jewish bash on Long Island.  I find it curious that both Schumer and Wasserman-Schultz express so much fealty for Israel, compelling one to question their loyalties to the United States.  One cannot serve two masters.

First, a snapshot of me:  I am a United States Air Force veteran who served in highly classified Intel during the initial stages of Vietnam.  I was assigned to two different sites, one remote, in Europe and in South Asia.  I was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant before age twenty-one.  Then, I was made Controller, Ops Intel for my Section.  I exited USAF with three written commendations, honorable discharge and outstanding unit award.  For the record, my family has served this nation since The American Revolutionary War where my distant paternal grandfather fought with the Virginia 9th Line at Brandywine and Germantown.  (As did Senator Jim Webb’s grandfather.)

After my Military service, I put myself through the University of Maryland working full time and applying the benefits of the GI Bill.  I have built a successful career in property management real estate, development and construction.  During a later in life journey into theology, I was conferred my Master’s and later ordained.  So.  There you have me in a nutshell.

The preceding has been provided to set the stage for today’s letter.  The purpose of my letter today is to express my distress and dismay over the tyranny and treason against our nation that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday.  The behavior of supremacists, Neo-Nazis and white xenophobes was horrific to watch as the networks telegraphed images of the event across their networks.  But, sadly, Governor, I for one am not surprised by this barbarism.  Donald Trump is the master orchestrator of such heinous and hideous misbehavior.


“Every Man of Courage is a Man of His Word.”


Page Two, Turner to McAuliffe, 06 August 2017

Governor, I will not mince words (I seldom do!).  I have begun to refer to Donald Joseph Trump is our in-residence softcore terrorist in an ill-fitting suit with a terribly garish tie.  Trump is the consummate carnival barker, the snake oil salesman of the century.

His recent John Wayne style of threatening North Korea underscores how ill-equipped Trump is to lead anything.  Yet, Trump is emblematic of a far greater national problem to which the Democrats have contributed substantially.  (Footnote:  I am an Independent, for the record.)

My successes in life have not removed me from my childhood reality of a farm lad growing up in rural Howard County, Maryland.  My dad was an engineer; my mother a secretary.  Even “way back then” two parents often worked.  Although we were not poor, things were “tight”.  Being of Scottish and Scots-Irish ancestry, work was the operative word.  (My dad was a Calvinist without even knowing it!)  We expected fair reward for deeds well done.

That takes me to the greatest failure of Democrats and Hillary Clinton during this last national election cycle.  The dismayed, disenfranchised and disengaged were totally ignored by Clinton.  The very people suffering the worst were blown off by, as they see it, East Coast and West Coast elites and intellectuals.  The “rust belt” and “dust belt” were fully ignored. Disgraceful!

So, in walks Donald Joseph Trump, the puppet of Putin.  Trump knows precisely how to get to the very nub of one’s distressed psyche.  Like some grand patriarch, he trumpets out, “I feel your pain and I will cure it.  We will make America great again!”  Wow!  Charlatans abound.

Our nation has been kidnapped, becoming hostage of the Monster Trump and his legions.  Percentage wise they may not be in the majority.  But, this last weekend tells us they are demons filled with zeal, propelled by the tyranny of Donald J. Trump, the great igniter.

Trump loves chaos.  His psychopathology thrives on it.  Chaos, by the way, is the work of The Demon.  Trump lacks humanity, dignity, decency, diplomacy and mental normalcy.  One must worry that, unless properly restrained and contained, Trump will ignite WWIII.  His psyche feeds off the prospect of the “next great war”.  There is every reason to believe that inwardly Trump aspires to be another Hitler; a Stalin; or, a Mussolini.  His role models are unfit for our Republic; Trump is unfit for our Republic.

Governor, my heart goes out to you and all Virginians.  (A century or two ago, my ancestors traveled through and settled in Virginia on their way to Kentucky and Lower Indiana.)  Charlottesville is seen as quiet; a pristine all but idyllic environment for the peaceful minded and those seeking higher education.  The hooligans of yesterday have blunted Charlottesville’s image and our nation’s image severely; a tragedy broadcast across the globe.  Yesterday’s homegrown terrorists have darkened the spirit of America, albeit only briefly.

In the meantime the not-so-presidential Trump says there was blame all around.  Sure, Donnie!  To soothe his crocodile wounds, he telephones you.  That, too, Governor, was all Trumpian stagecraft.  He likes what took place yesterday in Charlottesville.  It plays right into his white supremacy, anti-Islamic, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay narrative.  If his son-in-law were not a Jew, one can readily surmise Trump would be an anti-Semite.  (Internally, he likely is.)  Beware the crocodile tears, Governor!  They are clever diversions and distractions marching forward to fascism.

With best regards,

The Reverend M. Vincent Turner


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