The “Huckabee Factor”

Slightly more than a decade ago I met a transgender person at a Christian religious retreat. This person’s journey, expressed guardedly, was complex and complicated. I experienced a certain respect for this person still going through transition, because they wanted to talk about it where they would feel judged the least. Ah, yes! “Judged the least.”

The fact is, I recall no one, absolutely no one, judging but only supporting this trans-person in affirming ways. God knows, yes “God” knows, what a challenge this person’s journey had been and would continue to be until the full and complete transition had taken place. Did I understand it? No. Do I understand more than a decade later, now with Jenner? No. Do I, like some folk, go “ick”? No. It is their journey; not mine. I have a different journey, as does each person who reads this Email.

During my graduate study at theology school/seminary, our repetitive mantra was, “Honor the holiness of the other [person].” In other words, respect and honor that other person in their place and space in time; their time; not mine or yours.

I opt not to define myself as “religious”. Being religious is far too restricting; confining. I am spiritual. I want to leave to God what rightfully belongs to God and pass no judgment. “Difference” often upsets and undermines our sense of the secure spot of being in our own space with our own understanding. When our own little “container” gets shaken up a bit, we each react in very different ways: Shock, “ick”, recoil; horrified or mortified; or, “Okay, so what?” I go with, “Okay, so what?” Jenner’s transition really has zero impact on me or my beliefs. If she now feels more right with herself, then perhaps she is more right with God. Again, not my judgment to make. If you are a follower of the Christian faith as I am you will recall that Jesus said, “Judge ye not lest ye be judged”, and “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” The original orthodox meaning of “sin” was “to be separated from God”. As in, “born into sin.” It did not mean something malicious, pernicious or vicious.

Having shared the above with you, I was moved to rage and anger when I read about Mike Huckabee’s all too predictable insult toward Jenner. He is no “man of God” in my book. Huckabee is anything but. So! Below is what I posted earlier today on a website where I often share my thoughts. But, wait! Before you jump to that, here is one more tidbit to share: When I was growing up, my parents often cautioned, “If you come across a person or a group of people you dislike and disagree with, move on. Leave them. It is not your duty or your place to change them.” Kinda sounds like Jesus when He said to His disciples, “If these people do hear my word, leave them. Shake their dust off your feet and move on.” Now, my post!

“Yep, good ole “pastor’ Huckster-bee. A theological fraud, a self-righteous hypocrite. Screw that commandment “to love”. Screw the idea about not judging. Oh, right, how about those stone throwers!! You got it Huck. I am blessed that I never had to deal with the agony and challengers of transgender people. Do I understand it? No, I do not. However, I will not judge it or condemn it. Each child is given a different path, a different body, a different sexual orientation and a different sexual identity. How sad that you are so wrapped up and warped up in your misogynist, sexist mind cramp that you cannot give a pass to someone who is different; even radically different. People could make fun of how fat and nasty you are. Yeah, I like that one in fact. But, hey! You like being fat and nasty so that one would get us nowhere.”

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