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Good Sunday to each of you.

The GOP’s quiet resignation over the Trumpian tyranny against our Republic speaks volumes about their complicity in this moment of historical treachery.

The Republican Party is the Anti-Party: Anti-black, brown, women, LGBTQ, Muslim and in some sectors, anti-Semitic.

When I was a very young US Air Force Sergeant, I was mesmerized by Barry Goldwater. Yet, at the time one could not vote until they were twenty-one years old. A family member remarked how pleased they were that I could not vote! I held onto his “Conscience of a Conservative” with considerable pride. Yet, with somewhat of a twist, Goldwater supported gays serving our US Military when that was forbidden aggressively.

I then supported Nixon (twice), Ford; then George H. W. Bush. Then, like the proverbial analogy with kittens maturing, my eyes were opened – so to speak.

I am an Independent/Centrist. As I have become increasingly appalled by and disgusted with Republicans I have also become thoroughly astonished by the weakness that courses through the Democratic Party.

Make no mistake, Donald J. Trump is a totalitarian megalomaniac. He is a pathological liar with a Machiavellian core. Deceive, distract and deflect forms his operational troika.

This moment in America’s history is NOT one to celebrate. Rather, it is one to become vigilant at levels heretofore unknown. Preserving our Republic before she is fully destroyed should be the foremost thought among all Patriots.

As a young Airman I served in classified Intel overseas. Russia was our archenemy then. Russia is our archenemy now.

One must question how much Russia has invested in Donald J. Trump to command such devoted loyalty from Trump. Trump is our enemy. He is not a true and loyal American. Period. The Republican Party does not share the wider sense of universal rights: civil, human and minority rights. The Republican Party has formed a partnership in treason.

The Republic is at her most dangerous precipice in our history; worse than the time of the Civil War or during the McCarthy Era. Trump says Democrats are the new “McCarthyites”. Good one, Donald, as you are in fact the penultimate McCarthyite – along with your entire White House staff.

Those among us who are reasoned and realistic see a bleak time ahead, but one which cannot be seen without hope. If we lose hope, then we have lost everything – including our Republic.

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