Trump Biblical? Not likely.

Dear Senator Flake:
I laughed aloud when I read your remark about Trump and the Biblical Ark.

As both a seasoned business executive of many years and an ordained Christian theologian (I actually STUDIED the topic at seminary) I can assure you that Trump is anything but Biblical, even in the most evil of Biblical contexts.

I am a Veteran whose family has served our country since my distant paternal grandfather fought at Brandywine and Germantown as a Private with the Virginia 9th Line, American Revolutionary War. We have served ever since.

I have voted consistently from conscience, not party.

My ancestors were farming folk in Lower Indiana and Kentucky.. We moved East in ’48, the year I turned 4. I grew up on a small farmer in Maryland countryside, working the large farms during my sophomore and senior summers.

In ’62 I joined the United States Air Force, right out of high school. I was assigned to highly classified Intel overseas. I was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant before I as 21; made controller of my Intel Ops section at age 21. I left USAF with an Honorable Discharge, Outstanding Unit Aware ribbon and three letters of commendation.

I put myself through college working full time and using the benefit of the GI Bill. I became a successful senior manager in the private business sector.

Why am I sharing this? First, I am a Patriot; not a nationalist the likes of Trump. I believe Donald J. Trump is the antithesis of everything I was taught, learned and told. I LOVE my country. But, I have become increasingly ashamed of her. Anyone who watches Trump’s antics even from a distance will easily conclude the man is mentally unstable. The very last thing our great nation needs is a president who is fully unhinged. The psychopathology of Trump’s behavior should have all of us “on notice”.

Thank you for speaking out. This matter is about a nation; not a president. We deserve better, no matter what party someone feels affiliated with. (For the record, I am in Independent.)

Sincere regards,
Vincent Turner

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