Trump’s 24 year-old Drug Czar! Really! My response to Kathleen Parker, WaPo

Dear Ms. Parker,

I share your angst over Taylor Weyeneth, the 24 year-old new “drug czar”.  Wow.  The photos of Weyeneth indicate he is little more than a partying frat boy.  His “academic” achievements are as shady and questionable as those of Donald J. Trump.  Of course, Trump fawns over and relishes those who are inept; or, white supremacists.

Now, today, we learn that Stephen Miller, the white nationalist sadist who “advises” Donald J. Trump is throwing a wrench in the works to end the current government shutdown.  Miller is incendiary.  Now that Bannon has become the White House pariah, it appears Miller is now Trump’s brain.  Even Miller’s countenance speaks volumes about his evilness.  The fact Miller can so easily manipulate Trump speaks volumes about just how weak Trump is not solely as a president (in name only); but, also how weak Trump is as a person.

It is no mystery to those of us who follow politics perhaps more diligently than the average American that Trump & Co. want to destroy our government.  Trump’s icons are Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.  Wow!  Such stalwart examples of democratic free thought!  Not!  Hell, we might as well throw Pol Pot and Idi Amin into that pot of tyrants.  Trump’s goal is to become a destructive despot, and he appears to be well on his way to that what with congressional Republicans cheering him on and abdicating their duty to the nation and to the Constitution.

Many of your journalist colleagues have written and are writing about the sweeping destruction of our Republic taking place at the hand of Donald J. Trump.  Weyeneth is yet one more example of the blatant and shameless anti-Americanism being demonstrated by this White House and the Republican Party.  Unless this assault against our great nation is halted, and halted quickly, we will become a mere image of what we have been in history.

Best regards,

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