Reverend M. Vince Turner

p320017667-3(1)Each of us is a composite of how we see ourselves and how others see us.  Over time we change.  Or, at least we should.

Who am I?  I am all that I have been.  I am an eclectic collection of realist, dreamer, spiritualist, rationalist.  I see all people as equals.  Look down on no one that they will have no need to look up.  “Never give up, never give in,” a mantra from a toxic childhood.

I am trustworthy.  Are you?  It means one worthy of trust.  Trust is not ambiguous any more than truth is ambiguous.  Trust, like truth, cannot be compromised. Loyalty means to be true, to be trusting.  Being loyal also is not ambiguous; it, too, cannot be compromised.  I have been known to be “loyal to a fault”.  That can lead to pain, because the other person may not have been so loyal.

I am well educated.  I am an intellect.  Successful business executive.  Ordained Christian theologian.  Degrees in Business and Theology.  I am a writer.  An essayist.  Civil rights, human rights and animal rights live at my core.  Justice is not a euphemism.  Yet, “justice” is compromised at every level of the law.

I am a Veteran, United States Air Force.  Former Sergeant with three commendations.  I am highly competitive; driven.  I seek to win.  Winning is not an option.  Yet, the only authentic win is won without cheating or compromising the core sets of values that allow one to win.  I am mission focused.

My target audience is the universe.  I seek to appeal to the inner core of goodness that I believe dwells in most human beings.  True, such goodness does not dwell in all human beings.  How said is that.

I have been called “The Lion”.  The man with the steel hand gloved in velvet.  “Fierce”.  “Centered.”  “Driven.”  “Highly competitive”.  “Strong.”  “Anchored.”  All those terms are used to describe and define me.  I say what I believe you should hear.  I do not say what you may want to hear.  I want to make you think, even if it is something about which you do not want to think.  Within each human brain is fertile soil.  I seek to nourish and nurture the soil that is your brain.  The brain is a living organism, in ALL species.  Too many humans allow their brains to die; not an option for all the other species.

I love Creation.  I accept evolution as fact.  I regard faith as believing in that which cannot be proven.  Science can prove many things.  Faith cannot.  I do not care whether you believe in God; or, not.  God will not care, either.